Aiming to The Future with Next Generation Network Appliance

In a virtual CPE (vCPE) model, all the network functions can be consolidated using software-based virtual network functions (VNFs) running on top of a single universal CPE (uCPE) appliance. The VNFs may reside inside an onsite hardware device, in an enterprise data center, or in the cloud. Both businesses and service providers can easily operate IEI PUZZLE series.

Advantage of PUZZLE Series

  • Standard Hardware & High Flexibility

    With the PUZZLE series, service providers are able to simplify customer site deployments by using a variety of dedicated appliances with VNFs running on a single universal platform. It also creates the flexibility of manageability through NFV.

  • Open Source Software

    Open source software reduces time to market and the risk of vendor lock-in. The true value of openness comes from being able to combine a mix of open source and proprietary software components to deliver an innovative service.

  • Lower CapEx & OpEx

    The PUZZLE series can help reduce the consumption of CapEx and OpEx, including management time and effort, maintenance and contracts or software licensing, etc.

  • Lower Power Consumption

    uCPE can run several VNFs to build up a network environment instead of running several physical network appliances. Running an uCPE can save energy.

PUZZLE is Ready for Proprietary Network Appliance

You can use the software (Router,switch, UTM etc...) on the PUZZLE

IEI AI Ready Solution Accelerates your AI Initiative

PUZZLE series are AI hardware ready system ideal for deep learning inference computing to help you get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business. IEI’s PUZZLE series support graphics cards, Intel FPGA acceleration card, and Intel VPU acceleration card and provide additional computational power and end-to-end solution to help run your tasks more efficiently. With the NVIDIA TensorRT, QNAP QuAI,and Intel OpenVINO AI development toolkit, it help you deploy your solutions faster than ever.

IEI PUZZLE Series is Ready for Next Generation Network

The following picture completely shows the components of the PUZZLE series. Choose the right components from CPU, NIC, software, manufacturing side, and fit them together. You will create a perfect network appliance.


It shows the S/W support from IEI. IEI will help customers to get device driver, application, other NFV basic software, DPDK, OvS, VPP, OpenDaylight and OpenStack. IEI will also help customers to deploy and install all of the software and build up their own NFV solutions.

NIC & Bandwidth

It shows the network connection ability of the PUZZLE series. IEI provides four brands of NIC from Aquantia, Intel, Broadcom, Mellanox, and with 1G, 2.5G, 5G, 10G or 25G different kinds of speed.

System Integration

It shows the computing ability of the PUZZLE series. IEI implements 5 major CPU brands, including Intel, AMD, Marvell, NXP, Cavium, and 3 kinds of accelerator cards for edge computing or AI computing.

Designing & Manufacture

It shows ARMOR Link cross IEI cross QNAP. Most of network appliances are about network security. Some of the customers care about where the network appliance is designed and made. Therefore, we provide you two choices, design and manufacture in Taiwan or in China. QNAP factory is in New Taipei City, Taiwan, and ARMOR Link factory is located in Shanghai, China.