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  • Overview

    ●Built-in QTS Gateway operating system that can be visualized immediately
    ●Supports remote connection (myQNAPcloud) and hybrid backup (Hybrid Backup Sync)
    ●QRM+ easily monitors IPMI equipment, servers, PCs and production line equipment
    ●Q’center centralizes management of multiple QNAP NAS and the IPC equipped with QTS Gateway
    ●Surveillance Station for remote video surveillance, 24/7 security
    ●Seven levels of data security protection to protect your valued data
  • Features

    TANK-860-QGW Features
    1. Intel® HM86 chipset + 4th generation Intel® Core™ CPU
    2. Great flexibility of expansion slots -2-slot model: 2 x PCIe by 16
    3. IPMI function for remote control management
    4. Three indpendent video outputs support high resolution
    5. 2 x 2.5" SATA HDD bay design fulfills high storage demand
    | Application |

    TANK-860-QGW is like the brain of robots and its multiple I/O outputs can connect to various automated control, machine vision and data acquisition devices, just like the limbs and sense of human. The PCI-SN300 motion control card can be controlled by running application program on VM using Virtualization Station, allowing USB 3.0 cameras to capture images to use as the eyes of the robot to perform positioning. Robots can exchange data and use algorithms to optimize application programs, and then send it back to TANK-860-QGW to send unified commands to all equipment. In addition, Hybrid Backup Sync can also be used to backup data on to other storage devices, lowering the risk of data loss and preserve precious data

    Connectable devices:
    VGA, DisplayPort, DVI: display screen
    RS-232/422/485: PLC
    DIO: Supports DIO equipment, switch and alarm
    USB: Supports USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices

    TANK-860-QGW – QTS Gateway for Cloud IPC Solution

    QTS Gateway is an operating system designed specifically for IEI IPCs and fully integrated the QNAP NAS operating system (QTS), breaking through the stereotype of IPCs of not having operating systems and saving unnecessary costs for installing servers and computers. QTS Gateway not only allows easy monitoring of computer status through its visualized interface, it also allows the use of many free application programs, making it multifunctional while challenging the values of traditional IPCs.

      Traditional IPC Cloud-based IPC
    Remote System Visualization No Yes
    OS No (additional devices must be purchased and installed) Built-in VM virtual application
    Remote Device Management No (additional management software must be installed) Free Apps: Qcenter, QRM+
    Data Backup No (additional management software must be installed) Hybrid Backup Sync
    myQNAPcloud Management No Yes, supports system update through a cloud
    Video Surveillance No (additional surveillance software must be installed) Free software:
    Surveillance Station
    RAID Data Storage No (must use with specific platforms) RAID 0, RAID 1
    Support for Mobile Devices No Free App Qfile, Qmanager

    Virtualization Station Painless migration, complete OS virtualization
    • Quick transfer, zero threshold Virtualization_Station
    • PCIe card connection
    • VM Backup & Restore
    • Remote Import & Export
    • USB Passthrough
    • Advances in VM network structure, again
     — the Software Dened Network
    • Virtual switch
    • Device Management
    • Visibility and direct access to files
    • User-based permissions settings
    • Operate VMs through web browsers

    Provides physical-to-virtual (P2V) technology can be used to create a familiar operating system (e.g. Win 2000/XP/7/8.1/10/Server 2003/2012, Linux, x86-Android…etc) adding more flexible system management.

    PCIe card connection and USB Passthrough PCIe_Card_connection
    With Intel® Virtual technology allowing VMs to allocated H/W resources such as PCIe, PCI, Lan, USB, COM, DIO…etc.
    Remote Import & Export Remote_Import_Export
    Virtual machines of various formats can be easily imported to and exported from the Virtualization Station.
    Container Station - Rapidly deploy containers
    Micro services, quick deployment
    Container Station only requires 64MB of memory to run an application program; such lightweight virtualization technology allows you to quickly deploy large numbers of environments.
    A growing number of popular apps
    Container station offers the most up-to-date and top-of-technology applications for rapid deployment with just a click. The following apps are now available: LibreOffice, MongoDB, Nginx, Node.js, Redis, MySQL, WordPress, Deluge, Minecraft, Wine, Jenkins, GitLab, Redmine, Joomla! and OpenERP.

    QTS gateway Container_Station
    Linux Station -
    Creating an open source platform for unlimited potential
    QNAP uses advanced virtualization technology to perfectly run both QTS and Linux operating systems in parallel. Just download Linux Station from the App Center and use VGA/DP/DVI display to output the entire Ubuntu desktop, and then add a keyboard and mouse to use the Ubuntu system just like operating a computer. Linux Station also allows you to freely switch between output resolutions and even enable the remote connection function so that the current outputted screen can be displayed through a browser at any time for remote controlling.
    QTS gateway with Linux
      >   Before using Linux Station, please first go to the App Center to install the Linux Station app.The remote desktop function currently does not support remote audio output.
    Data Center and Backup –
    Perfect integration of public and private clouds

    In the era of information explosion, there are thousands of data being written every day. QTS Gateway continues the essence of the cloud purpose operating system and provides several management and backup tools to allow you to easily nd data and back them up or share them to other devices or cloud services, providing more diverse and mind-easing backup management solutions.

    Local backup and synchronization:

    • External device
    • Local folder



    Remote backup and synchronization:

    • RTRR
    • FTP
    • Rsync
    • CIFS/SMB


    Cloud backup:

    • Support for a variety of enterprise-class cloud storage

    Surveillance Station – remote video surveillance

    QNAP video sur veillance center provides four free camera channels, and suppor ts ONVIF and PSIA universal camera protocols, compatible with over 3,000 IP camera models of over 100 brands. It allows you to easily create an automated video surveillance system for your factory to protect property and personnel safety, and to create a working environment with no blind spots.

    QRM+ IT infrastructure management
    QRM+ is a centralized remote server and PC management solution from QNAP designed for IT teams. QRM+ monitors and controls the pulse/health of all the mission critical servers in your network. QRM+ provides a single point solution to discover, map, monitor and control all the critical devices (Servers/PCs/Thin Clients etc.) in your network. Manage your servers remotely from different client with-in or from outside of the same network.
    • Improve server health status control for the administrators.
    • Discover, map, monitor and control resources in your network on a single platform.
    • Supports Agent based (QRMAgent) and Agentless (IPMI) surveillance, supports IPMI 2.0.
    • Keeps track of all mission-critical device settings and provides state of art alert/event
    • Generate reports to help analyze the performance of network resources.
    • Exclusive QRMAgent (lightweight remote management agent service) that supports multiple
      platforms such as Windows and Linux.
    • Save time on troubleshooting and quickly restore the system to operable status.
    Discover Map Monitor Control
    Q'center - Centralized multi-GTS Gateway management
    Q'Center offers you a powerful management solution can view the status and system information of multiple QTS Gateway systems at the same time. Q'center can greatly assist IT administrators in system resource allocation and future capacity planning.
  • Specifications

    • Hardware Spec.

      Spec Item Description
      Form factor
      SBC Form FactorIntel® 4th Gen Core ™ i5-4400E 2.7GHz, 37W
      Cooling method / System FanFanless
      ChipsetIntel® HM86
      Memory Max.2 x 204-pin DDR3 SO-DIMM preinstalled two 4 GB
      (Maximum memory size supported by the system is 16 GB)
      Drive Bays2 x 2.5"SATA 6Gb/s HDD/SSD Bay
      StorageHDD: 2 x 2.5"SATA 6Gb/s HDD/SSD Bay
      CFast: 1 x CFast
      I/O Interface
      Display1 x VGA, 1 x DVI-I, 1 x DisplayPort
      I/O Interface1 x Display
      1 x VGA
      1 x HDMI
      2 x USB 2.0
      4 x USB 3.0
      4 x RS-232
      2 x RS-422/485
      2 x RJ-45
      1 x PCIe GbE by Intel I210
      1 x PCIe GbE by Intel I217LM
      Digital I/O8-bit digital I/O, 4-bit input/4-bit output
      InputDC Jack: 9~36V DC
      Power consumption19V @ 3.34A
      (Intel® Core ™ i5-4400E with 4 GB memory)
      Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 60°C with air flow (SSD)
      Humidity5% ~ 95%, non-condensing
      Dimensions2 slots:121.5 x 255.2 x 205
      4 slots:154.8 x 255.2 x 205
      6 slots:195.4 x 255.2 x 205
      Weight2 slots: 4.2 kg/6.3 kg
      4 slots: 4.5 kg/6.5 kg
      6 slots: 4.8 kg/6.9 kg
      Expansion Slots
      Expansion SlotsPCI/PCIe
      2 slots: 2 * PCIe x8 (physical PCIe x16 slot)
      4 slots: 2 * PCIe x8 (physical PCIe x16 slot) + 2 * PCI
      6 slots: 1 * PCIe x8 (physical PCIe x16 slot) + 2 * PCIe x4 + 3 * PCI
      PCIe Mini
      4 slots: 1 x Full-size (baseboard)
      6 slots: 1 x Full-size (baseboard)
      MaterialDie-casting aluminum
      iRIS1 x iRIS-2400 (optional purchase)
    • Ordering Info.

      Item No. Description
      TANK-860-QGW-i5/8G/2A-R10Intel® Core™ i5-4400E CPU, 2 x 4GB DDR3 memory, 2 x PCIe expansion, Dual GbE, COM, DIO, VGA/DVI-I/DisplayPort, iRIS-2400 optional, with QTS-Gateway, 9 V~36 V DC, RoHS
      TANK-860-QGW-i5/8G/4A-R10Intel® Core™ i5-4400E CPU, 2 x 4GB DDR3 memory, 2 x PCIe and 2 x PCI expansion, Dual GbE, COM, DIO, VGA/DVI-I/DisplayPort, iRIS-2400 optional, with QTS-Gateway, 9 V~36 V DC, RoHS
      TANK-860-QGW-i5/8G/6A-R10Intel® Core™ i5-4400E CPU, 2 x 4GB DDR3 memory, 3 x PCIe and 3 x PCI expansion, Dual GbE, COM, DIO, VGA/DVI-I/DisplayPort, iRIS-2400 optional, with QTS-Gateway, 9 V~36 V DC, RoHS
    • Package Contents

      • 1 x Installation CD

      • 1 x Chassis screw set

      • 1 x Installation frame set

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