Centralbrain System

Solve Problems Remotely

IEI Centralbrain System is designed for managing multiple IEI medical devices in a hospital. This system can help users effectively manage all IEI devices that connect to hospital network. Tasks such as status monitoring, product life management and software update/installation can be performed centrally and remotely.

The Pain Points of Device Management

Pain Points

Poor efficiency of maintenance and update, waste of labor costs.

Update and check devices one by one

Delayed medical care because IT personnel can’t maintain devices immediately

Manage All Devices by Centralbrain System

High efficiency of maintenance and update, lowering labor costs.

Update and check devices all at once

Maintain devices from remote to solve problems immediately

Features of Centralbrain System

Dynamic Dashboards

Administration Management

Remote, Reboot, Reset

Remote SoftwareOTA

Peripherals Management & Control

Device Status Monitoring

IT personnel can use the Centralbrain System to manage multiple medical devices in the hospital, and to remotely reset/reboot the devices or perform OTA update. More than 100 devices can be monitored simultaneously to ensure proper operation.

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