Body Temperature Monitoring Solution

IEI’s Body Temperature Monitoring System uses IEI POCi Series AIO Medical Panel PC and a thermal camera. it can be your best partner for tackling global health challenge.

Frontline Infection Prevention

Detecting a person's body temperature is very important and is first step to against infection. Therefore, thermometer products are regarded as indispensable necessities. And yet, most handheld thermometers consume both time and manpower. IEI introduces a brand-new Body Temperature Monitoring Solution, which not only provides plug-and–play functionality but also quick and easy operation, effectually improving the process of taking temperatures.

  • An alarm will be triggered when it detects a high temperature.

  • The person with a high temperature can be easily found by comparing the recognized face and the temperature data.

  • The detection results will not be influenced if people carry hot drinks.

  • It can detection well if people wear masks.

  • The range and value for detection can be adjusted according to users’ requirements.

  • The temperature records e.g. photos, date and time, can be exported for follow-ups.

Fit in Every Scenario Application

  • Business & Retail

    Business buildings, industrial parks, and also all kinds of shopping centers.

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

    Airports, train stations, sports arenas, school and so on.

  • Government & Hospital

    Data can be saved in terminals, ensuring user's privacy. Suitable for government and hospitals.

Easy and accurate deployment for fighting against pandemic

IEI’s Body Temperature Monitoring System uses IEI Panel PC and a thermal camera. It is easy to deploy, and equipped with clear user interface, FHD IPS panel, all-in-one panel PC and high accuracy. This system has everything you need. It can reduce workload, improve the efficiency of temperature measurement and it can be your best partner for tackling global health challenge.

Network cable

Thermal Camera

Available options

Camera 1

Camera 2

Product Selection

  • POCi Series

    All-in-one Medical Grade Panel PC

    • 14nm 8th generation Intel® Whiskey Lake U platform
    • Aluminum front bezel (IP66) & PC/ABS rear cover
    • Chemical etching AG coating
    • Modular PCIe x4 expansion slot
    • Dual reading light
    • FHD IPS panel with optional DICOM preset
  • POCm Series

    All-in-one Medical Grade Panel PC

    • Intel® Celeron®, Core™ i5/i7 Skylake processor
    • PCAP touch allows multi-touch, multi-layer gloves and water-on-screen operation
    • Anti-bacteria housing with IP65 front bezel and IP32 rear cover protection
    • Three hot-swappable batteries with a total runtime of 8 hours is ideal for non-powered medical carts
  • AFL3 Series

    Light Industrial Panel PC

    • 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 on-board Whiskey Lake-U processor
    • Selectable AT/ATX power mode
    • Support PoE PD IEEE803.2 af/at/bt (optional)
    • IP64 compliant front panel
    • Touch screen wth anti-UV / anti-glare coating