Home Automation

Home Automation

A home automation system or an environment control system helps to improve living quality, security and energy efficiency. The system monitors the environment changes and then controls the air-conditioner, lights and other electronic devices, such as TV, projector or curtain according to the pre-defined user scenarios.


Home Device Management

TANK-600 provides eight set of serial ports which can fulfill users’ demands to connect a large number of devices through serial ports. For example, two-way lighting control system or door lock system can be integrated with TANK-600 by serial ports. IOBA-10F is a 10.1-inch RISC-based panel PC with rear connectors that support IoT starter kit sensors. The user may connect the sensors and integrate it with software that created by system integrator.

Application Story

IEI home automation solution provider chooses the TANK-600 because it equips GbE LAN and eight set of serial ports which can fulfill users’ demands for various serial device connection, such as two-way lighting control system, door lock system, residential security system, air condition system and environment sensor detector. For the demand of smaller scale system, the solution provider chooses the IOBA-10F because it is a RISC-based panel PC with rear input/output connectors that supports different sensors.