iMAN Utility
iMAN Utility
iMAN Utility
iMAN is an utility developed by IEI for configuring IPMI devices. This Utility can be easily installed and help user manage their equipment, monitor system status and remotely control devices.

Key Benefits

• Real time system monitoring
• Lower the costs of server management
• System alert/log management
• Support IPMI 2.0 (iRIS-2400, iRIS-1010)
• Reduce troubleshooting time
• Group management
iMAN Utility

Device List/ Discover

Devices that support IPMI can be found by searching multiple IP ranges. Devices can be renamed afterward.

Group Management

By setting device into different groups, user can easily control device effectively. From the group managment dashboard, administrator is able to manage all devices in one page.

Device Info./Control/KVM

The dashboard provides information about devices status, allowing administrators to check device health in real-time.

KVM/Virtual Media/BIOS

KVM function can help users easily monitor and control system through Internet. Users are able to control servers even when the OS is crashed.