AI is Changing Every Thing

Why IEI?

With the advent of the 5G era, its high-bandwidth and low-latency characteristics have accelerated the industrial artificial intelligence and become the promoter of AIoT. IEI has the technology and ability to create competitive AI-related products. With the use of Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkit and NVIDIA platforms as well as the cooperation with strong partner like Google Cloud, IEI can create multiple solutions for various industries by integrating software and hardware. In edge computing, IEI teams up with the Group's member - QNAP, which focuses on storage, Netcom and smart video product innovation, and works together with other software partners to create solutions for factory, transportation, healthcare, and other industries. In addition, we can also offer ODM and OEM services. IEI will walk into smart city, enjoy all the convenient life with you, and help you grow your business and improve profit.

Stable hardware
Software partner support
Technology integration capability
Supporting multiple platforms
(IEI x Intel® DevCloud)
Strong partner network
Complete product line and multiple product specifications

Post-Pandemic Era Zone

Smart solution for reducing the COVID-19 risk


Demo Kit Request

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