IEI Integration Corp. Warranty Policy

IEI Integration Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "IEI") provides a limited period of warranty service to clients (hereinafter referred to as "Client") who have purchased products manufactured by IEI (hereinafter referred to as "Product") in accordance with the terms of this Warranty Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Policy").

1 Warranty Period

  • 1.1All Products manufactured by IEI are entitled to a warranty period from the date of shipment, in the event of any malfunctions or abnormalities arising from the manufacturing process that may impede proper operation or functionality.
  • 1.2Warranty Period
    2-year warranty period for all IEI Off-the-Shelf Products (hereinafter referred to as "Off-the-Shelf Product"); and
    1-year warranty period for the ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and other customized Products (hereinafter referred to as "Customized Product"); and
    6-month warranty period for EMS (Electronic Contract Manufacturing) Products; and
    1-year warranty period for the battery modules included in the Product.
  • 1.3Defect on Arrival (DOA)
    If a Product is unable to operate or function properly due to manufacturing defects within 3 months from the date of shipment, Client may request to replace it with a new one after the DOA situation is confirmed by IEI. Client is required to fill out an RMA application form and return the DOA Product.
  • 1.4For the third-party components which are not manufactured by IEI (hereinafter referred to as "Bought-In Component") included in the Products, IEI will provide no more than 1-year warranty period.

2 Warranty Coverage and Out-of-Warranty

  • 2.1IEI provides warranty service for any defects caused by materials or craftsmanship in the Products. Under the normal usage and during warranty period, if a Product is unable to function properly or has other defects due to materials or craftsmanship, IEI will provide repair or replacement services.
  • 2.2The IEI warranty service and this Policy only applies to the Products manufactured by IEI. IEI will not provide warranty service for any products which are not manufactured by IEI, even if they are packaged or sold together with IEI Products.
  • 2.3The warranty service will be only provided to individuals or institutions who purchase directly from IEI or IEI’s authorized distributors/retailers.
  • 2.4A Product will be Out-of-Warranty if:
    The warranty period has expired; or
    The warranty label, serial number or barcode has been removed, damaged or cannot be identified; or
    The damages or defects are caused by force majeure, such as floods, lightning, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, as well as accidents, wars, human destruction, theft, power outages, or low-voltage electrical interference; or
    The damages or defects are caused by not using the Products under proper specifications or environmental conditions (such as humidity, temperature, safety, and power) specified in the IEI product manual; or
    The functionality problems are caused by abnormal use (such as pressure testing), disassembly, embedding or use of third-party parts/equipment/software/firmware, self-repair, third-party maintenance, and other similar behaviors of the Client; or
    The Products are damaged during transportation and due to reasons not attributable to IEI.
  • 2.5The determination of whether the Bought-In Component is Out-of-Warranty will be based on the judgment standards of the component supplier.
  • 2.6The determination of whether the Product is Out-of-Warranty is solely at the discretion of IEI

3 Warranty Service

  • 3.1During the warranty period, IEI will provide free repair service based on the condition of the Product. If the Product cannot be repaired, IEI may replace it with a new or equivalent substitute of the same or higher level.
  • 3.2IEI will use new or used parts with equivalent performance for repair services. If IEI cannot obtain these parts, the Client agrees that IEI can use higher level parts to replace the original parts.
  • 3.3After the repair is completed, IEI will provide the Client with a brief RMA report.
  • 3.4If the remaining warranty period of the Product is less than 3 months when the Product has been repaired and sent out, IEI will extend the remaining warranty period to 3 months for the part covered by such RMA repair report.
  • 3.5If the Client is a distributor of IEI, it is the Client’s responsibility to check whether the Product to be returned to IEI is under the NDF condition specified in Section 5.3 before sending it for repair, and the Product must also be sent using the original packaging materials.
  • 3.6 Every repair request requires an RMA number, and if an RMA number is not available, IEI will not provide repair services. Client can obtain an RMA number from an IEI sales representative or IEI member zone (
  • 3.7Shipping Cost
    Upon delivery the Product for repair, the Client is responsible for all related expenses for shipping the Product back to IEI, including but not limited to shipping costs and import taxes.
    After the repair is completed, IEI will pay for the relevant shipping costs and import taxes for returning the repaired Product to Client.
  • 3.8After IEI completes the repair and sends the Product back, if the Product cannot be delivered to the designated mailing address, IEI will contact the Client to obtain an alternative mailing address. If the Client does not provide an alternative address within 60 days, the Client will be deemed to have abandoned the Product, and IEI will send a notification to the e-mail address provided by the Client filled out when purchasing the product. When the Client’s Product is deemed abandoned, IEI may dispose of the Product in accordance with the applicable law.

4 Warranty Extension

  • 4.1Client who requests to purchase an extended warranty must apply within 180 days from the date of shipment. However, IEI does not provide extended warranty services for Products with the following conditions:
    IEI has already provided warranty repair services before the purchase of the extended warranty; or
    The Product is determined by IEI to be Out-of-Warranty as specified in Section 2 of this Policy.
  • 4.2IEI will provide no more than 3 years of extended warranty service.
  • 4.3The charging rate for purchasing a 1-year extended warranty is as follows, although IEI may adjust it according to actual circumstances:
    Single-Board Product: Product price × 10%
    System Product (excluding batteries): Product price × 15%.
  • 4.4To purchase an extended warranty for IEI's Networking Products, please contact IEI's distributors or sales representatives for assistance.
  • 4.5IEI will not provide extended warranty services for Bought-In Products.

5 Out-of-Warranty Repair Service

    • 5.1After evaluating the extent of damage, IEI will provide a quotation for Out-of-Warranty repair services to the Client. The total cost includes the following two items:
    • (1)
      Inspection Fee:
      The following are the standard rate per repaired Product. The actual cost shall subject to the quotation or the P/I.
      • (1) Board Products (motherboard, baseboard): USD 35
      • (2) System Products: USD 50
      Other fees such as components and shipping costs:
      The actual cost varies according to the Product type and extent of damage as stated in the quotation.
  • 5.2To purchase an Out-of-Warranty repair for IEI's Networking Products, please contact IEI's distributors or sales representatives for assistance.
  • 5.3 No Defect Found (NDF):
    If the Product sent for repair is found by IEI to have no defects as described by the Client and is only unable to function normally due to the Client's incorrect settings or abnormal operation, regardless of whether the Product is within the warranty period, IEI will not provide repair services and will send the product back after obtaining the Client's consent.
  • 5.4For Products that are Out-of-Warranty and Products determined by IEI as NDF, the shipping costs shall be fully covered by Client.
  • 5.5For repaired Out-of-Warranty Products, IEI provides an additional 3-months warranty period for the repaired part covered in the repair quotation, starting from the date of the Product is repaired and shipped.
  • 5.6IEI will start to provide Out-of-Warranty repair services after the Client signs the quotation.
  • 5.7If the Product is deemed to be an Out-of-Warranty Product that requires additional fees stated in Section 5.1 after inspection by IEI, IEI retains the right to lien the Product until the Client signs the quotation and pays the relevant fees. If the Client does not sign or notify IEI of cancellation of the repair within 3 months after receiving the quotation, IEI will dispose of the Product appropriately in accordance with the applicable law.
  • 5.8For Products that are more than 7 years old from the date of shipment, if repair is required, the Client must first contact IEI's sales representatives or distributors before sending the product back to IEI for repair; otherwise, IEI will not provide Out-of-Warranty repair services.
  • 5.9IEI will not provide Out-of-Warranty repair services for Bought-In Products.

6 Limitation of Liability

  • 6.1In no event shall IEI or its service suppliers, affiliates, employees, officers, agents, etc. be liable, within the extent permitted by law, for any direct or indirect damages, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, including but not limited to loss of data, reputation, inconvenience, delay, profits, expenses or any other loss arising from the use, interruption of use, or inability to access data associated with IEI Products.
  • 6.2All claims for damages or compensation related to IEI Products, warranty services, or this Policy, regardless of whether they arise from contract, tort, statute or other acts, and regardless of whether they result from negligence, non-negligence, strict liability, or whether the Client has previously informed IEI or IEI’s service suppliers of the possibility of such damages, the entire liability of IEI and its service suppliers and the sole remedy for the Client, to the extent permitted by law, shall be limited to the purchase price of the Product paid by the Client.

7 General

  • 7.1Warranty for non-Off-the-Shelf, Customized, and EMS Products will be governed primarily by the relevant agreements. This includes but is not limited to warranty periods (including DOA periods), the purchase of extended warranties, and Out-of-Warranty repairs.
  • 7.2If there are more stringent warranty service requirements than this Policy in a particular country/region based on their laws and regulations, IEI will prioritize those requirements to provide warranty services. For warranty services in Mainland China, IEI will follow the after-sales service agreement issued by IEI Shanghai Repair Center.
  • 7.3For discontinued products still within warranty period, if IEI is unable to provide repair services due to unforeseen circumstances, IEI will, at its discretion, provide a discount or Product upgrade.
  • 7.4Privacy Policy
    Client agrees that IEI may collect their personal information for the purpose of providing warranty services.
    Client guarantees that all information filled out or provided is true and accurate, and that no third-party’s information is used fraudulently or misappropriated. If any ineligibility, falsification, or inaccuracy is found, IEI will not provide warranty services.
    Client’s information may be accessed by any IEI office.
    IEI will comply with the privacy laws of each country/region to protect Clients’ personal information. Please refer to IEI’s privacy policy for more details.
  • 7.5This Policy is written in multiple languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the traditional Chinese version and other language versions, the traditional Chinese version shall prevail.
  • 7.6IEI reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time.
  • 7.7If any part of this Policy is deemed invalid by a court or arbitration institution with competent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the validity of all the other parts.
  • 7.8Any disputes, controversies, claims, or compensation arising from the implementation of this warranty service, or the interpretation of this Policy will be governed by the laws of Taiwan. The Taipei District Court of Taiwan will have jurisdiction for the first instance, and both parties agree to be bound by its judgment. If there are other provisions in the Client’s location, they shall comply with those provisions.

8 Shipping and Repair Instructions

  • 8.1 Shipping Address:
    Client shall send the Product to the corresponding repair center for warranty service according to the Client’s location.
    Client’s Location Repair Center Address Recipient Contact Number Reminder
    Global Taipei(HQ) 4MF., No. 26, Gongjian N. Rd., Qidu Dist., Keelung City 20647, Taiwan (R.O.C.) RMA dept + 886-2-2451-0888
    Mainland China Shanghai No.515, Shenfu Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Park, Minhang District, Shanghai Service Center 021-31166633 #28591 follow the after-sales service agreement issued by IEI Shanghai
    North America Pomona 138 University Parkway, Pomona, CA 91768, USA RMA dept. 909-595-2819
    FAX: 909-595-2816
    Only for System Products & swap board level Products
  • 8.2If Client wishes to cancel a repair request:
    • (1) The Client may cancel the repair request within 14 days of submitting it; and
    • (2) If Client decides to cancel the repair request after IEI has received the Product sent by the Client, IEI will charge an inspection fee and return the Product, and Client shall cover all relevant shipping costs; and
    • (3) If the Product is already in repair, the repair request cannot be canceled.
  • 8.3If Client needs to specify a particular logistics or courier company for Product delivery, IEI will charge relevant fees as appropriate.
  • 8.4When sending in the Product for repair, please use the original packaging or appropriate packaging materials to prevent damage during transportation. IEI recommends the Clients to use the original packaging for repairs.
  • 8.5When sending the Product for repair, please do not send any other accessories together.
  • 8.6Before sending the Product for repair, please carefully check that all Jumpers are in their default values. Many problems can be resolved by correctly setting Jumpers and clearing the CMOS.