Automotive and mobility market is undergoing a revolution. Electric vehicles continue to see record-breaking year-over-year sales growth which is set to accelerate as environmental protection initiatives globally and locally incentivize the migration to green alternatives. In order to meet the Climate Protection Plan, most of the governments in EU give incentives for buying electric vehicle. Germany even increases the funding from €3,000 to €6,000. As electric vehicles continue to expand, so do the charging stations. Joe Biden, the president of the United States, has set an ambitious goal of building 500,000 new public EV chargers across the U.S by 2030 and more than half of all new cars could be electric by 2040. The increasing of charging station focus on reducing the charging time for EVs has increased the adoption of fast charging networks such as universal fast chargers, ultra-fast chargers, and bi-directional fast chargers. Such advances in EV charging technology will drive market growth over the forecast period.


The market faces a variety of challenges, for example, the outdoor EV charging systems have to sustain and perform at the highest level in harsh and critical environments, be able to connect diverse peripherals like sensors, card reader, cameras, HMI, and support high luminance data displaying and communicate real time data to management center. Hence, complying with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and supporting wide temperature operation, compact size, robust and variety of I/O ports connection will be the key elements for building the application. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is an application protocol for communication between charging stations and central management in a charging station network. This protocol opens the charging network, decreases the barriers to entry within the market, and spurs competition and innovation while increasing the service quality and lowering the price for consumers.

  • Extended Operating Temperature

  • Interconnectivity with arrays of peripherals

  • Small in size and form factor for flexible deployment

  • OCPP capable with LAN/Wi-Fi/4G internet connectivity

Solution Service

  • EV Charging Gateway Solution
  • EV infrastructure Solution

IEI’s fanless Din-rail embedded system, the DRPC-W-EHL, supports -20°C to 60°C operating temperatures to enable the connection of charging units and monitoring sensors in critical environments. Under tight restrictions, the DRPC-W-EHL not only provides a compact design to meet the space requirement but also comes with adequate basic I/O interfaces. As an IoT gateway, the DRPC-W-EHL can collect, analyze, and transfer data to the control center through a wireless connection. Integrated with Intel® Celeron™ Solution (code named “Elkhart Lake”), it allows the CPU to offload complex floating point mathematical operations so that the CPU can focus on executing the rest of the application program, running the operating system, and providing optimized AI inference calculation. For example, video analytics for customized advertisement broadcasting, physical security monitoring, and parking lot management.

IEI could provide industrial monitor and SBC for device layer for building EV charging infrastructure. The WAFER-AL, a 3.5” SBC, has a PCIe Mini slot and a SIM card holder to support Wi-Fi or LTE modules, allowing the system to transfer real-time data to the management center over OCPP protocol. Therefore, EV charging stations and central management systems from different vendors can communicate with each other securely. USB ports and RS-232 ports are also available for NFC payment system connection. The on-board Intel® Apollo Lake processor consumes only 6 W, which is ideal for IoT application while enabling fanless operation and eliminating CPU fans. The DM-F12A, a 12.1" industrial monitor, is equipped with 600-nit high luminance display, enabling ease operation for payment and advertising.

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