Consolidate Your Multiple Network Application Portfolio with PUZZLE Series

Nov 12, 2020

IEI PUZZLE series network appliance focuses on network markets, such as firewall, intrusion detection, and SD-WAN. The challenge we found fr ...

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IEI Will Launch New AI-ready Embedded System Based On Intel's 11th Gen Core Processors In The Future

Nov 03, 2020

Intel recently has announced the launch of the 11th Gen Intel Core processors known as Tiger Lake, the Intel Atom x6000E series and the Inte ...

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IEI FLEX AIoT Dev. Kit Supports Mustang Computing Accelerator Cards to Create Intelligent Future

Jul 29, 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence, is the term used to describe a machine’s ability to simulate human intelli ...

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IEI & Sartura Announce Open Source-Powered Partnership

Jul 22, 2020

The PUZZLE-M801, one of the members of the PUZZLE family, is powered by Marvell® Armada Series to deliver high-performance computing capabil ...

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IEI Introduces Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Frontline Pandemic Prevention

Jun 17, 2020

The coronavirus is spreading over the world. Advanced medical care in Taiwan is globally renowned. Through the industry- government-universi ...

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IEI PUZZLE-IN004 is Verified as an Intel®  Select Solution for uCPE on CentOS

May 14, 2020

IEI Integration Corp. is proud to announce that their new product line PUZZLE-IN004-XD1 is recognized as a verified Intel® Select Solution f ...

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IEI Works Together with Intel to Accelerate the Evolution of Smart Factory

May 05, 2020

IEI’s TANK AIoT Dev. Kit and FLEX-BX200-Q370 equipped with the Mustang accelerator card and Intel EIS 2.0 (Edge Insights Software) offer a c ...

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The Latest Updated to COVID-19 ( 2019-nCov)

Mar 27, 2020

Manufacturing Capacity Overview、Employee Status of Suspected Virus Cases

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IEI Integration Corp. and CyberLink Work Together to Create Various AloT Solutions for Smart Retail and Security Control

Mar 06, 2020

Taipei, Taiwan — March 6, 2020 — IEI Integration Corp. and CyberLink announced their cooperation in integrating AI Facial Recognition Techno ...

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威康智能健康科技與台中童綜合醫院於2月6日簽約 未來將攜手推動Halza健康管理應用程式

Feb 21, 2020

威強電與Halza Pte Ltd在台灣成立的合資公司-威康智能健康科技於2月6日與台中童綜合醫院在院長童敏哲醫師的領導下,成為了全台第一家簽署「Halza健康管理應用程式推廣合作備忘錄」的醫院,未來所有童綜合醫院的訪客只要下載Halza隨身健康管理APP,將能夠擁有不受時間或空 ...

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