Supercapacitor backup board

» Six 3.0V/600F supercapacitors
» 12/19/24 VDC Adaptive input/output.
» Maximum 150W load 3V@25°C lasting 60 sec
» The standard 60W load 3V@25°C lasting 180 sec
» -40°C to 60°C wide temperature environment
» 500,000 charge-discharge life cycles
» Long supercapacitor lifetime, up to 10 years
» Intuitive power management software for easier management
» Provide power-off shutdown service through software/hardware

Hardware Spec.

Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
Voltage 12V or 19V or 24V ±10%
Voltage 12V or 19V or 24V ±10%
Watt 150W
Dimensions 166 x 90.5 x 82.6 (mm)
Output Connector 1 x LED display interface (2x10 Pin)
1 x DC in (2x2 Pin)
1 x DC out (2x2 Pin)
1 x relay (1x6 Pin)
1 x USB2.0 Type-A
1 x Debug (1x3 Pin)
1 x FW flash (2x7 Pin)
2 x Power btn (1x2 Pin)
Key Features
Key Features
  • Super Capacitor (6 x 600F@3V)
  • Service life >10 years (when the capacitor works at 3V and 25 temperature)
  • 500,000 charge and discharge cycles
  • Backup time:
    60 sec. (under 150W load at 3V@25°C)
    180 sec. (under 60W load at 3V@25°C)

Ordering Information

RHEA-I660A-R10 150W DC/DC Supercapacitor backup board, 12/19/24V Input and Output, 6 x 600F@3V Supercapacitor, with L-shaped holder, Internal

Package Contents

Package Content
  • 1 x USB Cable (Type-A to Type-A 500mm, P/N: 32001-006105-200-RS)

  • 1 x LED Cable (Header 2*10P P=1.27 Female *2, 200mm, P/N: 32133-038600-100-RS)

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