Embedded Computer

By using IEI embedded computer, you can easily build feature-rich embedded system for industrial, medical, military, transportation and commercial applications.
Including full size single board computer, half size single board computer, backplane, industrial motherboard, embedded board, computer on modules, RISC board computer, ETX / COM EXPRESS / Q7


PICMG 1.3 讓使用者在利用PCI Express的速度和已提升的頻寬時,保護他們在PCI(PCI-X)技術的投入 -->背板選擇表 。


IEI 提供 ISA、PCISA、PCI 和PICOe 短卡型CPU卡。(PICOe=PCI + PCIe x4) PICOe的特色: *相同的尺寸,向下兼容,但僅有PCI SBC 的一半大小。
-->Backplane Selection Table


IEI提供PEMUX PICMG1.3、PICMG 1.0、PCI/PCI Express、PCISA和ISA的背板 --> Backplane Selection Table


IEI 工業級主機板系列,包含ATX、Micro-ATX和Mini-ITX主機板。IEI工業級主機板系列具多功能且高效能的特色,非常適合應用於 POS機、KIOSK、販賣機、醫療產業等等。


IEI 提供多種嵌入式板卡尺寸,從Pico-ITX到5.25英吋的SBC都有,可使用在不同的應用上,像是數據獲取、影像處理、電信科技、網路通訊、含電纜的運動控制器、I/O電路保護等等。


IEI 提供 ETX、COM Express 和Q7單板電腦滿足多樣化的應用方案,像是自動化控制器、行動裝置和檢測系統。
IEI offers intel® CPU, FPGA, VPU deep learning accelerators

TPU 加速卡

Coral is a hardware and software platform for building intelligent devices with fast neural network inferencing. At the heart of our devices is the Edge TPU coprocessor. This is a small ASIC built by Google that's speciallydesigned to execute state-of-the-art neural networks at high speed, with a low power cost. The Edge TPU is capable of performing 4 trillion operations (tera-operations) per second (TOPS), using 0.5 watts for each TOPS (2 TOPS per watt).

VPU 加速卡

Intel® Vision Accelerator Design with Intel® Movidius™ VPU

PEMUX Series 背板

The PEMUX allows users to deliver with maximum 56 lane of PCI Express 3.0 to PEMUX backplane while taking advantage of the speed and increased bandwidth of PCI Express
Including LCD converter board, PCI/PCIe expansion card, wireless module, Mini-PCIe module, PM module, TPM module
Including LCD converter board, PCI/PCIe expansion card, wireless module, Mini-PCIe module, PM module, TPM module

LCD 轉接卡

iDP (IEI Internal Display Port) connector is provided on the IEI products. Through the IEI iDP converter cards, the iDP connector can support different display specification, such as VGA, HDMI™, DVI-D and LVDS.

PCI/PCIe 擴充卡

IEI provides industrial communication cards for different expasion and application through ISA, PCI or PCI Express.


PCIe Mini card *Solid design with external antenna diversity *Low power consumption and high performance

Mini-PCIe 模組

PCI Express Mini Card *IO Interface converter *RoHs

TPM 模組

Hardware-based security solution for data protection and reliable authentication via TPM that stores key, passwords and digital certificates.

Audio Kit

Audio Board

Remote Management Module