Integrated Factory Automation Solution

Developing and Perfecting Your Own Factory

IEI's integrated factory automation solution improves the production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. To catch the wave of automatic assembly, robot system will be a major role along with the machine vision and motion control solutions. For factory automation control terminals, IEI offers industrial computing solutions with robust IP65 design, wide temperature, and flexible add-on card expansion. To elevate the efficiency of warehouse management, IEI provides UHF RFID and 1D/2D barcode reader solutions with various form factors.

AI in Smart Factory

AI vision analytics on the factory floor adds intelligence to factories design and process. Today's technologies automate the collection, storage, retrieval, and decision making across multiple factories and factory sub-systems at the edge.

Machine Vision Solution

IEI designs and develops advanced barcode readers and embedded computers, which can be used to perform machine vision reliably at higher speed and with greater precision.

Automatic Manufacturing Solution

IEI provides not only elements of Industry 4.0 but also having a total solution of automatic manufacturing system, including industrial robot system and motion control system integration service.

Warehouse Management System

IEI introduces warehouse management system (WMS) to provide convenient and traceable management through cloud computing.

Intelligent Energy Management

In recent years, solar and wind power become the most rapidly growing eco-friendly energy sources. Collecting information about renewable power production and consumption will be the next big challenge in factory automation.


IEI provides high performance embedded systems to meet the need of manufacturing execution system software, including work order management, production management and quality control.

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