Improving Medical Environment for You

Jul 23, 2021

Improving medical environment for you
A mobile nursing station is a working station integrating a medical cart with a computing system containing EMR (electronic medical record), wireless network, medical peripherals, and online charts. In addition to improving clinical work and workflow efficiencies, data is integrated among different information systems and hardware devices to promote patient safety.


Nursing Efficiency -

The POCm series is powered by 3 hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries that can provide sufficient power for 8 hours, and this feature enables nurses to spend more time on caring patients rather than devices. The ergonomic sidefacing battery slot eases the use for nurses with different height. Compared to the LiFePO4 battery of the traditional nursing cart, the batteries installed on the POCm have better design by reducing more than 5 kilograms of weight.


Space Optimization -

In the past, nurses needed to find spared space to park the medical cart or place the charging dock for battery charging. With the prolonged operating hours of the POCm and the advantages of our 6-bay stackable charging station, their daily clinical workflow is optimized greatly. No more medical cart stuck around the nursing station after ward round. Each nurse on duty can easily replace the batteries at the beginning of their work and no need to face the messy cabling.
medical panel pc for space optimization

IEI Battery Monitoring App -

With more and more IT devices adopted in the medical environment, the management work can be very stressful for IT technicians in hospitals. To solve this issue, IEI rolls out a remote monitoring solution to cope with the complicated maintenance work. User friendly UI and auto reminder are both designed into the solution.

IEI fights against COVID-19 with you

IEI’s medical panel PC, the POCm-W22C-ULT3, is used in Taiwan’s COVID-19 vaccination sites. POCm series helps medical personnel on checking patient information and registration. The POCm series equipped with three hot-swappable batteries can improve mobility and can be placed in any location where power outlet availability is limited. It helps to reduce the problem of cabling and prevent people from tripping over cords. The smooth surface and true flat hot-key design make cleaning and disinfection more easily and completely.

Product Selection

POCm Series Medical Panel PC
POCm Series Medical Panel PC
  • With 6th Generation Intel® mobile ULT Core™ i7/i5/Celeron® processor
- LCD size: 22 inch & 24 inch
- Introduction Video
POC-W24C-ULT3 Medical Panel PC
POC-W24C-ULT3 Medical Panel PC
  • With 6th Generation Intel® mobile ULT Core™ i7/i5/Celeron® processor
- Introduction Video
POC-17C-ULT3 Medical Panel PC
POC-17C-ULT3 Medical Panel PC
  • With Intel® Skylake-ULT platform Core™ i5-6300U and Celeron® 3955U

New Product

  • Supports Zhaoxin 16nm KX-U6580/KX-U6780A(70W) on-board processor supports dual-channel DDR4 SO-DIMMs
  • Dual independent display(VGA & DVI-I) support
  • Up to 10 x RS-232 and 10 x USB 2.0 support
- SPEC - Product News
PulM-100G2SF 100GbE Network Module
PulM-100G2SF | 100GbE Network Module
  • 1 x Intel E810 Ethernet controller
  • 2 ports 100GbE QSFP28 connector
  • 1 x PCIe 4.0 x8
- SPEC - Product News
LAN-100G2SF Network Interface Card
LAN-100G2SF |Network Interface Card
  • 1 x intel E810 Ethernet controller
  • 2 ports 100GbE QSFP28 connector
  • 1 x PCIe 4.0 x16
- SPEC - Product News


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