iEi to present a range of new medical image integration solutions at Arab Health Medical Expo 2024

Dec 19, 2023


As a leading provider of precision and digital medicine solutions, IEI will showcase its medical image capture and storage solution for the first time at Arab Health 2024 in Dubai from January 29 to February 1, 2024. This solution consists of the latest AI medical PC, HTB-230D-R680E, and the medical image capture and recording system, Endocap-3588, allowing for accurate and real-time capture and recording of medical images and conversion into different image formats for medical use.

IEI, at this expo, will also unveil the next generation of the POCm and POCi medical panel PCs, equipped with 13th generation Intel® processor, DDR5 memory and multi-touch screen. The battery capacity of the POCm series is increased by 1.2 times, resulting in a 12% longer usage time for the mobile nursing station solution. The newly designed DC output function allows the panel PC to power small peripheral devices, thus reducing the time healthcare professionals spend searching for power sources.

The POCi medical multi-touch panel PC has AG-coating glass, ensuring clear resolution for doctors to view PACS images. It also features a PCIe slot for high expandability and offers an option of built-in battery to meet your various requirements.
Both panel PCs support Wi-Fi 6E, meeting the demands for faster internet speeds and enhanced security while delivering an advanced and efficient user experience.

The HTB-230D is IEI’s latest AI box PC, which innovatively combines a multi-touch screen and a host, with keyboard and mouse functions. It has a built-in 13th generation Intel® Core™ i9 processor, supports high expansion functionality for the medical AI platform, and a PCIe Gen4 GUP slot that can optimize AI analysis and integration of medical image, helping physicians to improve the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis.

The medical image capture and storage solution showcased for the first time, features IEI’s latest medical system, the EndoCap-3588. With 60 FPS low latency function, it enables quick image capture recording, symptom identification and video conversion to the required format. All the collected image files can be uploaded to the host or saved in the HTB-150-N6210 medical embedded system for use by specific medical departments. It also acts as a mini server with data collection and integration functions for transferring files to the hospital cloud, offering dual backup and enhanced data protection.

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29th Jan. - 1st Feb. 2024
10:00 -18:00
Dubai World Trade Centre / UAE
Hall no.
Za'abeel 1.
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