Facial Recognition Access Control

Apr 30, 2019

Case study banner - Facial recognition

Hardware and network challenges to facial recognition for access control

Access control varies from clean and simple solutions to much more complicated setups. The lock on the front door to which only one person has a key is elegant and efficient for a home where the only people who need to come in are the residents, and even useful for a small retailer. Complexity quickly rises, however, when dealing with multiple employees with varying security levels, keys quickly become cumbersome, and identification card systems that allow for granular access control are standard practice in large corporations. However, identification cards can get lost or stolen, opening the door to unauthorized access, and it is almost inevitable that cards will be forgotten from time to time, requiring manual identification.
To alleviate these issues, our client was implementing facial recognition with their access control system. They needed an industrial computer that was up to the task of capturing facial images at the points of entry and exit, then remotely verifying credentials. This case study takes a brief look at the specific requirements they had and how we chose the right solution for them.

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