Intel® AIoT Edge Insights Solution with Splunk

IEI TANK AIoT Dev. Kit and FLEX AIoT Dev. Kit could combine with Mustang series accelerator cards and equipped with Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial and Splunk cloud data collection and analysis services. Which can provide complete and convenient from data collection, storage, computing, etc. Simplify the data processing time and developing period effectively.

Software Architecture

Use Cases

Product Inspection

  • Inline quality control/assurance
  • Reduce production cost
  • Reduce customer returns
  • Defect Detection
  • Root cause analysis

Situational Monitoring & Security

  • Worker Safety
  • Social distance tracking
  • License plate correlation

Asset & Operations Optimization

  • Monitor factory production and identify production constraints
  • Improve factory production and efficiency
  • Manufacturing Productivity

Smart Choice for Inference System With AI

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is changing our lives from the past to the future. It enables machine learning by using a variety of training models to simulate and infer the status or appearance of objects. For example, the inference system with the video analysis model can perform face and vehicle license plate analysis for safety and security purposes.

The TANK AIoT Dev. Kit features rich I/O and dual PCIe slots (x16) to support add-ons like the Acceleration cards (Mustang-F100-A10 & Mustang-V100-MX8) or the PoE (IPCIE-4POE) to enhance performance and function for various applications.

Machine Vision

Vision Analytics on the factory floor adds intelligence to factories design and process. Today's technologies automate the collection, storage, retrieval, and decision making across multiple factories and factory sub-systems at the edge.

Numerous Vehicle License Plate Analysis

Efficient road tolling and parking reduces fraud related to non-payment, makes charging effective, and reduces required manpower to process. Vehicle license plate analysis can be deployed on highways for electronic toll collection, and can be implemented as a method of cataloguing the movement of traffic as well as provide enhanced security by establishing data on suspicious vehicles in a more efficient way.

Numerous Face Recognition

Face analysis with AI has explosive growth in various domains. It not only infers human features like gender, age and facial expression, but also identifies identity, which can greatly reduce labor costs and provide services via big data in retail, finance and medicine.

Integrate AI into IOT applications. It’s not that difficult

Open the door to faster deployments of Inference Systems with the Tank AIoT Dev Kit via the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit & Intel® Media SDK

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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit

Intel® OpenVINO™ provides developers with improved neural network performance on a variety of Intel® processors and helps them further unlock cost-effective, real-time vision applications. The toolkit enables deep learning inference and easy heterogeneous execution across multiple Intel® platforms (CPU, Intel® Processor Graphics, Movidius VPU, FPGA)—providing implementations across cloud architectures to edge devices. OpenVINO™ supports inference optimization for deep learning models trained across a range of popular frameworks like Tensorflow, PyTorch, Caffe, MXNet or model formats such as ONNX.

  • Intel® Arria® 10 GX 1150 FPGA
  • PCIe Gen3 x 8
  • Low profile, half size, double slot
  • Intel® Movidius™ solution
  • 8 x Myriad X VPU
  • PCIe Gen2 x4
  • Low profile, half size, single slot