Most manufacturing industries require a lot of labor work in production, production line and equipment management, and production data collection. While modern manufacture-based enterprises need to face land acquisition difficulty, labor cost rise, and labor recruitment difficulty, new employees who are not familiar with production operation will increase defect rate. How to implement effective control has become a real problem to many manufacture-based enterprises.

Benefits of Smart MES Solutions

  • Enable process management and optimization. Increase product tractability.
  • Provide production scheduling and effective management for production quantity.
  • Ensure equipment management and integration for effective labor hour management and equipment availability
  • Provide electronic SOPs to enhance product yield rate.
  • Implement automation to reduce labor costs and stabilize production rhythm.


Production Record

Products are effectively recorded during production with traceability to their in-process quality analysis, installed parts and components, suppliers and customers, and transportation methods.


Smart Operation


RFID ID Creation

After IQC inspections, an ID (barcode or RFID) is assigned to the material to accelerate information collection and accuracy in the production process.


Information Analysis

Production data is digitized for production scheduling and management to generate real-time data regarding schedule accomplishment rate, quality report, and production.


Automatic Material Replenishment

Materials are fed to each station by means of the AGV system to reduce storage space on the production line.


Electronic SOP

Provide clear and correct SOPs to each station to ensure the correct version is in place.


Equipment Monitoring

Integrate data of production equipment, monitor equipment status, and provide equipment parameters.


Robotic Arm

Assists in routine handling operation and stabilize production pace.


Quality Management

Measure product quality after production and manage product quality analysis.

System Framework


Product Selection

Embedded System


TANK-8 Series


FLEX-BX200 Series

AI Modular Panel PC


PPC-F-Q370 Series