IEI Anesthesia Information Solution

Endoscopy AI Assistant Solution

The Endoscopy AI assistant solution includes the IEI Image Processing Technology and AI assistant for the medical report. The solution can help doctor to identify pathogenesis and reduce doctors’ medical report preparation time.

IEI Anesthesia Information Solution

Endoscopy AI Assistant Solution Features

Ultra Low Latency
Image Processing

Ultra Low Latency
Image Capture & Transmission

Exporting Medical Report
& AI Marked Symptoms

  • IEI’s FPGA design capability & image processing technology
  • Perfectly reflect the real image
  • Improve AI recognition accuracy
  • Great design capability
  • Image transmission latency is less than 200ms
  • Use AI functions to assist physicians in symptom identification with customizable medical reports
  • Reduce physicians’ medical report preparation time after patient examination

IEI Image Processing Pipeline Solutions

IEI has over a decade experiences in providing endoscopy imaging processing solutions

Diagnostic Process

Preliminary Judgment

We Focus On These Phases

Medical Check-up

Imaging Diagnosis

Diagnostic Treatment

IEI Image Processing Pipeline Solutions

IEI Image Processing Pipeline Capacity

IEI-IP-Cores can be optimized for various FPGA architectures, with fast implementation and small cores.

Color Image Pipeline

Color Space Conversion

Image Enhancement


More than 30 image processing IP cores

Endoscopy AI Assistant Solution Workflow





Low-latency image processing



Processed image capture & transmitting




Data storage



Medical report generating and AI-based diagnosis of diseases to assist physicians

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