IEI Unveils Next-Gen POCm Series Medical Panel PC with Advanced AI Facial Recognition for Information Security

Apr 23, 2024

With the demand trend of intelligence and automation in the medical industry, the efficiency of panel PCs and the empowerment of artificial intelligence have become the standard configuration, leading to higher patient security as healthcare providers prioritize security measures.

IEI, a leading provider of precision and digital medicine solutions, introduced the first medical-grade panel PC in 2020, generating significant interest upon its release. Fueled by the recent surge in AI popularity, advancements in computing power are crucial to meet the demanding needs of medical imaging and analysis. The next-generation POCm-RPL, equipped with a 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, rises to this challenge.

Recognizing the internet's vital role in shaping future AI for healthcare, the POCm-RPL utilizes Wi-Fi 6E technology. In healthcare's expanding AI edge computing landscape, Wi-Fi 6E's efficiency and privacy protection are highly prized. It ensures real-time processing and feedback, reducing interference and safeguarding patient privacy, especially in critical situations. In addition, the POCm-RPL boasts IEI's latest AI technology - Privacy Alert. This feature conducts timely face screenings during idle periods or from greater distances, swiftly alerting users or transitioning the device into a power-saving dormant mode to prevent inadvertent display of patient information.

Terry Wu, Manager of IEI's medical products, stated, "As AI continues to revolutionize healthcare, protecting patient privacy remains paramount. At IEI, we prioritize data security with robust hardware solutions that prevent accidental patient information exposure. We're excited to introduce Privacy Alert, a cutting-edge face-tracking technology that safeguards sensitive data by detecting and deterring unauthorized glances at patient information. This innovation fosters a more secure work environment for medical professionals".

Moreover, the next-generation POCm-RPL equips a customizable DC output with adjustable voltage to accommodate various peripherals, effectively streamlining wiring complexities and mitigating power constraints. Additionally, enhancements to the hot-swappable battery packs optimize performance, increasing battery capacity by 1.2% and reducing charging time by 12%. This, coupled with the proprietary power management application, alleviates IT workload, allowing focus on core tasks.

Building on past successes and positive feedback, IEI remains dedicated to technological innovation and expanding product applications in the medical domain. This commitment aligns with the growing adoption of AI and underscores IEI's mission to deliver holistic medical solutions.

POCm Series