Medical Cart Computer

Sep 03, 2019

medical cart computer
All-in-one medical panel PC with touchscreen for portable nurses stations
The adoption of EMRs has reduced errors in medical records, allowed for quicker assessment and care, tracking of data over time, and enabled evidence-based decision at the point of care. Clinics have been able to save space, optimize workflows, reduce administrative difficulties and operational costs, interface with wider EHRs, safeguard against improper prescription, track messages, and link to the public health system.
Accessing and updating electronic records on the go is a primary challenge. A traditional clipboard is very portable, and an electronic version of this must be at least as mobile to realize all the other benefits. Nurses carts were already a standard piece of equipment in our client's hospital, so they needed a computer to add to their portable nurses stations to give access to EMRs wherever they went.
This case study takes a closer look at some of the constraints they faced and what we chose as the optimal solution.

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