Medical Image AI Solution

Jan 16, 2020

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medical image AI solution

Medical Image AI Solution

IEI and aetherAI roll out the medical image AI solution together to meet the market demand. We know that the different department of the hospital will have various AI application. For easy management, we design a small size box PC, HTB-200. One station for multiple-service make it much easier to implement the AI service to all kinds of work flow.

What are the expectations for medical professionals to implement AI applications into the clinical scenarios

  • Assist medical professionals in making accurate diagnoses
  • Real-time inference for enhanced efficiency
  • User-friendly system design Integratable with existing workflow

The benefits of IEI x aetherAI medical image AI solution

  • Multiple medical image AI applications
  • Physician-centered scenario-based management system design
  • Seamlessly integrated with hospital’s existing system
  • Enhanced security
  • Plug-and-go, space-efficient

AI Workflow

IEI X aetherAI medical image ai workflow

Watch Medical image AI Landing introduction video on IEI Live Website. [English][Chinese]

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AI-powered Products

HTB-200-C236 | AI-powered Embedded System

HTB-200-C236 | AI-powered Embedded System New!

  • Compact small edge device with great computing & graphic performance
  • 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon & Core™ processor platform with Intel® C236 chipset
  • Dual SODIMM ECC & non-ECC unbuffered Memory supported up to 64GB
  • PCIe [x16] slot supports for Nvidia GPU, IEI Mustang Acceleration Card
  • PCIe [x4] slot supports for capture card or other application

Specifications - Product News
- Introduction Video [English][Chinese]

Mustang-V100-MX8 Computing Accelerator Card

Mustang-V100-MX8 | VPU Accelerator Card

  • Computing Accelerator Card with 8 x Movidius Myriad X MA2485 VPU, PCIe gen2 x4 interface, RoHS

Specifications - Brochure
- IEI Deep Learning Inference Acceleration Card - Mustang V100 [English][Chinese]

New Products

Mustang-M2AE-MX1 AI accelerator

Mustang-M2AE-MX1 | VPU Accelerator Card

  • Computing Accelerator Card with 1 x Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X MA2485 VPU,M.2 AE key interface, 2230, RoHS

- Specifications - Product News
- IEI Mustang mini AI accelerator cards introduction

PulM-1G4T-I211 & PulM-1G4T-I211-BPNetwork Module

PulM-1G4T-I211 & PulM-1G4T-I211-BP | Network Module

  • Intel® Ethernet Controller I211 based Network Interface Card with 4 x GbE RJ-45 by 4 PCIe 2.0 x2 Interface *with by pass funtion (by sku).

Specifications - Product News

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Company News

- Office will be closed for the Chinese New Year festival from 23 January to 29 January 2020.

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Event News

- IEI Welcomes You to Visit Mobile World Congress 2020 in Spain

- IEI Welcomes You to Visit Embedded World 2020 in Nuremberg

Press Release

- IEI collaborates with aetherAI to develop a brand new AI box HTB-200-C236

- Workload Consolidation Platform for AI Deep Learning


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