IEI collaborates with aetherAI to develop a brand new AI box HTB-200-C236

Jan 16, 2020

IEI Press Release
new AI box HTB-200-C236 BANNER

IEI collaborates with aetherAI to develop a brand new AI box

IEI recently released a brand new AI box – the HTB-200-C236, which combines medical imaging with artificial intelligence for connecting hospitals’ imaging data servers seamlessly. The medical image can be analyzed by artificial intelligence and transmitted back to the system in DICOM format to help physicians on intelligent diagnosis.

IEI has been collaborating with aetherAI since 2018 by cooperating with the Medical Center to develop AI-assisted diagnostic modules for different types of cancers. In the year 2020, the HTB-200 is released to reduce the burden on doctors. The HTB-200 is built in with three digital pathology AI modules, including differential counting based on world’s first bone marrow smear, cancer screening (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) and object detection (Glomerulus). To greatly reduce development costs and increase system performance, the HTB-200 supports 6th/7th Gen Intel® Xeon® & Core™ processor platform with Intel® C236 chipset, NVIDIA Tesla P4/T4 GPU with passive heat sink design, and adopts the blower-ventilation solution that not only creates a strong air flow but minimizes the noise made by fan.

Moreover, high compatibility for different GPU cards such as NVIDIA P4/T4/Quadro series or IEI Mustang series allows end users to choose an accelerator card best suits their needs. In addition, the drive bay for 2.5" SSD or HDD is located in the bottom of the HTB-200-C236, enabling IT technicians to easily check or replace the storage device by just removing four cover screws.

IEI and aetherAI have been contributing to AI smart healthcare for many years and are now working together to provide a high-quality diagnostic system for medical staffs to make AI a competent assistant for physicians and for elevating healthcare services.