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  • Overview

    ● Support remote monitoring and control via Android phones and tablets
    ● Connection I/O interface: USB, Ethernet TCP/IP
    ● Support hardware and software trigger modes, both with one shot, series shot, batch and presentation options
    ● Automatic or manual CMOS sensor configuration: exposure, gain and brightness options supported
    ● LED: External / Internal
    ● Image: Capture
    ● Image Format: BMP
    ● Region of Interest setting
    ● Firmware upgradable via USB / Ethernet
    ● Other Configurations: Decode Timeout / Decode Interval
  • Features

    Resource Download
    User Manual ITDB-100L English User Manual v1.04
    ITDB-100L Traditional Chinese User Manual v1.04
    ITDB-100L Simplified Chinese User Manual v1.02
    ITDB-100HD English User Manual v1.01
    ITDB-100HD Traditional Chinese Manual v1.01


    Type Supported Operating system File Notice Release date
    ITDB-100 Series Driver & Application Windows 7 
    Windows 8 
    ITDB_Setup_20141201 1. Updated TCP Client Transmission 
    2. Updated the icon and text of the web management 
    3. Fixed a conflict that occurred when the ITDB-100 was turned on through the TRIG&TUNE button and then controlled via API. 
    4. Fixed the issue that the auto-updater was not able to recognize the firmware version of the ITDB-100HD and ITDB-100L .
    ITDB_Setup_20160201   2016/2/1


    Type Supported Operating system File Notice Release date
    Firmware Upgrade firmware for ITDB-100L ITDB100L_FW141124   2014/12/22
    Firmware Upgrade firmware for ITDB-100HD ITDB100HD_FW141124   2014/12/22
    ITDB-100LWindows SDK Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Above ITDB_SDK_Setup_20140917   2014/9/17
    ITDB-100L Android APK Install the ITDB-100L AP in Android device BarCodeReader QuickSet v1.1.140328   2014/3/28
  • Specifications

    • Hardware Spec.

      Spec Item Description
      Dimension 89.8 mm x 62 mm x 32 mm
      Net Weight 290 g (without mounting bracket)
      Front cover Transparent plastic
      Housing Die-casting aluminum
      Housing color Silver
      Shock Resistance EN 60068-2-27 (2009-05)
      Vibration MIL-STD-810F 514.5C-1 and IEC-60068-2-06
      Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
      Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 60°C
      Ambient light safety 2,000 lx, on code
      Permissible relative humidity 90% (non-condensing)
      RoHS compliant yes
      I/O Interface
      Ethernet 1 x LAN(Ethernet data transmission rate: 10/100 M-bit/s)
      I/O Interface 1 x Trigger connection(1 x 6-pin connector for trigger connection)
      1 x Micro USB 2.0(USB 2.0 data transmission rate: 480 M-bit/s)
      Control button 1 x Trigger & Tuning(Trigger and tuning control button)
      Indicator 1 x Acoustic Indicator(Beeper)
      1 x Power Indicator
      Power Consumption Max 9.9 W
      Power Supply 1 x Operating voltage(12V/3.3A ,1*DC in jack(Φ2.5/Φ5.5))
      Power Comsumption 1 x Power on(7.7 W)
      Software Support
      SDK 1 x Software(:AP (without source code): Provide software installer to use directly)
      1 x Windows
      OS Support 1 x Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
      1 x Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit(via network connection)
      1 x Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit
      1 x Microsoft Windows 8.1 32-bit
      1 x Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
      1 x Microsoft Windows 10 32-bit(via network connection)
      Light Source
      Illumination 2 x Red LEDs
      Visible red light (λ= 650 nm ~ 660 nm)
      Lens Specifications
      Code resolution ITDB-100L: ≥0.33 mm
      ITDB-100HD: ≥0.2 mm
      Focus Fixed
      Reading distance ITDB-100L: 50 mm ~ 330 mm
      ITDB-100HD: 20 mm ~ 52 mm
      Sensor Specifications
      Resolution 752 x 480
      Acquisition Max. rate 60fps
      CMOS 1/3 inch CMOS with global shutter
      1D 1 x Code 93
      1 x Code 128
      1 x Codabar
      1 x UPC/EAN((ISBN, UPCA, UPCE, UPCE1, EAN13, EAN8) with supplementals)
      1 x MSI
      1 x Interleaved 2 of 5
      1 x Code 39
      1 x EAN128
      2D 1 x QR Code
      1 x Data Matrix
      1 x Micro PDF417
      1 x Micro QR Code
      1 x PDF417
      Trigger Connector
      Absolute voltage limits 4.5VDC ~ 24VDC
      Input of Interrupt Trigger Current 1.4mA@5VDC,4mA@12VDC,6.2mA@18VDC
      Output of LED Flash Trigger Current 8mA
      Output of LED Flash Trigger Voltage 3.3VDC
      Recommended operating voltage 5VDC ~ 18VDC
    • Ordering Info.

      Item No. Description
      ITDB-100HD-R10 Image-based code reader system with 1D, 2D decoding code types;752x480;2LEDs,Reading distance(at code resolution): 20mm ~52mm,12VDC Input,RoHS,I/O with 1xUSB2.0, 1xDC jack(Φ2.5*Φ6.3),1x ethernet 1x6-pin trigger port,1x trig button
      ITDB-100L-R10 Image-based code reader with 1D,2D decoding code types;752x480;2xLED,Reading distance(at code resolution):50mm~330mm,12V DC Input, RoHS,I/O interface with 1xUSB 2.0,1xDC jack(Φ2.5*Φ6.3),1x ethernet 1x6-pin trigger port,1x trigger button.
    • Package Contents

      • 1 x ITDB-100 Series: ITDB-100L-R10/ ITDB-100HD-R10

      • 1 x Power Adapter (P/N: 63000-FSP040DGAA1106-RS)

      • 1 x Power Cord (US) (P/N: 32701-000700-100-RS)

      • 1 x Power Cord (EU) (P/N:32702-000200-100-RS)

      • 1 x Micro USB Cable (P/N:32001-016100-100-RS)

      • 1 x Ethernet Cable (P/N:32000-113100-RS)

      • 1 x Mounting Bracket (P/N:42010-0172E4-00-RS-N)

      • 1 x Mounting Bracket Screw(P/N:44045-020061-RS)

      • 1 x Trigger Connection Cable (P/N:32125-008200-100-RS)

      • 1 x User Manual