PCI Express Video/Audio Capture Card with Two Channel HDMI Inputs and Two Channel HDMI Outputs, 1920x1080@60p, and H.264 Hardware Codec

  • Overview

    ● 2-channel HDMI input with H.264 hardware compression and 2-channel HDMI output
    ● High quality video encoding or decoding up to 1080p60
    ● HDMI output port supports video no delay pass through up to 1080p60, so you can check video while recording
    ● HDMI output port supports playback video file captured by HDC-30X series cards
    ● Low Power Consumption
    ● SDK available for customer to create customized applications
    ● Windows/Linux OS supported
  • Features

    Resource Download
    QIG HDC-3x_QIG_V2.00_20120926
    User Manual HDC-3x-Series_UMN_v2.00_20121127 


    Type Operation system File Release date
    Driver for 
    Windows 7 32-bit HDCaptureDriverInstaller_x86_20140106 2014/01/06
    SDK for 
    HDCaptureSDK_x86_V2.01A_20160104R 2016/01/04
    Application for 
    HDCapture_x86_V2.01A_20160104R 2016/01/04
    Driver for 
    Windows 7 64-bit HDCaptureDriverInstaller_x64_20140414 2014/04/14
    SDK for 
    HDCapture64 SDK V2.02 20130808R 2013/08/08
    Application for 
    HDCapture64 V2.02.0.1-1 20140508R 2014/05/08
    Driver/ SDK /AP for 
    Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit 
    Kernel version 4.4.0-21 x64
    HDCapture_3xx-hdc_r1_7_6_2_20160721-7723-4.4.0-21-generic.tar 2016/07/21

    * If you need the driver of Fedora or CentOS, please contact IEI *

  • Specifications

    • Hardware Spec.

      Spec Item Description
      Dimension 155 mm x 98.6 mm
      Audio Processing
      Audio Compression MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2
      Recording Data rate 256k
      Capture Interface
      Audio Input 2 x Audio Input Channel
      2 x Audio Input-HDMI
      Audio Output 2 x Audio Output Channel
      2 x Audio Output-HDMI(support decode file or HDMI bypass output)
      Interface Type 1 x PCIe x 1
      No Delay Passthrough 2 x Audio Output Channel
      2 x Video Output Channel
      2 x Audio Output-HDMI
      2 x Video Output-HDMI
      Video Input 2 x Video Input Channel
      2 x Video Input-HDMI
      Video Output 2 x Video Output Channel
      2 x Video Output-HDMI(support decode file or HDMI bypass output)
      Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 65°C, non-condensing
      Multiple Card Support 4 cards, 8 channels
      Power Consumption 9.53W (12V@0.46A, 3.3V@1.21A)
      Software Support
      SDK 1 x Linux
      1 x Windows
      OS Support 1 x Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit
      1 x Linux Ubuntu(16.04 (64-bit) (Kernel version: 4.4.0-21-generic))
      1 x Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
      System Requirement
      CPU x86 PC compatible computer, Intel® Pentium® 4 2.0GHz or
      above for video record
      Memory 1GB or more
      Graphic Card Recommends using a DXVA or CUDA capable graphics card
      for real-time video playback
      Video Processing
      Recording Data rate 2-30 Mbps
      Recording Formats 1920 x 1080 60p / 59.94p / 50p
      1920 x 1080 60i / 59.94i / 50i
      1280 x 720 60p / 59.94p / 50p
      720 x 480 60i / 59.94i
      720 x 576 50i
      Video Compression 1 x Hardware Encoder(H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.2)
      Video Input Resolution 1920 x 1080 60p / 59.94p / 50p
      1920 x 1080 60i / 59.94i / 50i
      1280 x 720 60p / 59.94p / 50p
      720 x 480 60i / 59.94i
      720 x 576 50i
    • Ordering Info.

      Item No. Description
      HDC-302E-R11 PCI Express video/audio capture card with two HDMI input channels and two HDMI output channels,1920x1080@60p,and Hardware H.264 codec (H56)
    • Package Contents

      • 1 x HDC-302E

      • 1 x QIG