Medical Computer

IEI has long been committed to developing high-quality products for medical industry to facilitate healthcare delivery. With the other’s interest in mind, IEI will continue to make contribution to creating a good working environment for medical personnel and a better medical service for patients.
IEI offers two series of medically certified, hygienic, all-in-one medical panel PCs. These devices are designed to improve patient care by supporting various functions, such as health information systems (HIS), vital sign monitoring, nursing care, clinical diagnosis, Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), anesthesia monitoring, and operating room documentation.

POCi Series

The POCi series is a medical panel PC featuring AI, edge computing with rich expansion functions. It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as radiology, telemedicine, endoscopy system or surgical working station. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution

POCm Series

The POCm series is a medical grade mobile working platform specially designed for hospital nurses and medical professionals. This product can simplify the workload of nurses, improve work efficiency, reduce error rate, and help nurses effectively care for patients. It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as mobile nursing station and ward. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution

IASO Series

The medical information management system designed for medical professionals can improve clinical work and workflow efficiency.Synchronizing patient data with PACS server, making data management more convenient.It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as data management, patient room display and bedside card. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution
Smart & Friendly Design! HTB Series brings you more satisfaction.
*Compliant with medical standards
*Flexible expansion

HTB Series

HTB-210-Q470 is a space-saving AI precision medicine solution designed to highly integrate into the medical environment. It helps medical staff find symptoms earlier via AI analytics and inference, shorten the time for pathological analysis and optimize patients’ treatment plans.It is ideal to work in many kinds of medical scenario such as endoscopy AI , orthopedic AI , hematology, examination room, pathology and radiology. Learn More about IEI Medical Solution

AXON Series

The AXON series is a cutting-edge medical power supplier with an exclusive power management system and versatile I/O interfaces, perfect for telemedicine, mobile nursing carts, and even as an emergency backup power supply for server rooms.

MPOCm Series

The MPOCm series medical touchscreen monitor prioritizes both ease of use and cleaning. Its dual power outputs ensure uninterrupted operation and simplifies workflows in various medical environments like telemedicine, mobile carts, and multi-clinics.