AI Vision Crowd Monitoring System

Oct 25, 2021

Monitoring crowds is vital for maintaining a close check on current conditions and avoiding the problems posed by large groups of people. W ...

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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Aug 30, 2021

Electric vehicles continue to see record-breaking year-over-year sales growth, accelerating the environmental protection initiatives globall ...

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IEI Launches New Powerful AI Accelerator PCIe Cards with Coral Edge TPU™ - Mustang-T100

Aug 18, 2021

IEI, one of the leading edge computing solution providers today announced that IEI and Coral are partnering to expand edge AI business by pr ...

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IEI Launched The Latest AI Accelerator Card with Coral Edge TPU™ - Mustang-T100

Aug 09, 2021

The Mustang-T100 integrated five Coral TPU modules in a real compact size PCIe card with half-height and half-length, and offered well compu ...

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IEI Launched New Software Defined Router with OpenWrt - PUZZLE-M901 and PUZZLE-M902

Aug 02, 2021

The PUZZLE-M901 and the PUZZLE-M902 are IEI‘s latest product series – Software Defined Router, which is pre-installed with OpenWrt and featu ...

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Improving Medical Environment for You

Jul 23, 2021

A mobile nursing station is a working station integrating a medical cart with a computing system containing EMR (electronic medical record), ...

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Hotel Selects IEI AFL3 For Membership Management Terminal Upgrade

Jul 16, 2021

A major Australian hotel group approached IEI to help them upgrade their in-house membership management terminals. These all-in-one panel PC ...

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Yuanlin Christian Hospital Embraces Mobile Medical Workstations for Patient Check-In

Jul 01, 2021

Yuanlin Christian Hospital wanted smoother check-in for patients, easier use for hospital staff, and lower overall technology costs using mo ...

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The Stable and Optimized AI Network Edge Computing Solution with Intel® CERA Platform - PUZZLE Dev. Kit

Jun 30, 2021

In order to accelerate the computing capability and performance in the network of AI, IEI Integration Corp. cooperated with Intel® to offer ...

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Deploying Autonomous Mobile Robot with AI

Jun 15, 2021

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, autonomous mobile robot (AMR) and autonomic guided vehicle (AGV) were changing the landscape across many indus ...

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