Unveiling Peach-E73: IEI's Green E-Paper Display for Clear Communications

Dec 06, 2023

IEI introduces the Peach-E73 Low Carbon Emission Display, presenting a green and cost-effective approach to carbon reduction. With its energy-efficient display, seamless integration with IEI Remote Management Solution and ideaRoomX content management platform, this innovation simplifies content customization and distribution. Tailored for environmentally conscious businesses, it empowers visual communication while reducing carbon footprint.

Seamless Remote Content Management

Peach-E73, with IEI's advanced Remote Management Platforms, elevates display experiences. iRM and ideaRoomX allow seamless WiFi updates for multiple e-paper displays remotely. iRM enables instant content updates across all displays through a user-friendly interface. Simplify content distribution, reduce manual intervention, lower maintenance costs, and ensure highly efficient resource optimization.

Sustainable tech advancing to Net Zero by 2050

Aiming for Net Zero by 2050, IEI's e-paper displays offer a sustainable solution, reducing energy demand and curbing deforestation. A long-term investment in sustainability sets your business apart, building a positive reputation.

E-paper vs. LCD: A Brighter Choice for a Greener Planet

Efficient E-paper Displays

Powered by AAA Batteries for Convenience. Widely available and compatible, our displays support rechargeable AAA batteries, reducing waste and promoting environmental responsibility.

Key Features:

  • » 7.3” 800 x 480 ePaper display
  • » Red / yellow / white / black 4 image colors
  • » IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4 GHz WiFi) / Bluetooth® 5 (LE)
  • » AAA x 6 batteries design to reduce waste batteries
  • » USB-C connector for power supply and image transfer

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