Intelligent Energy Management

By using solar thermal panels and wind turbines, both sunlight and wind are transformed into electricity ready to be consumed at factory and any other establishments that require electricity. These two will be the most important power production units of any hybrid system up to date.

Information about power production and consumption will be collected and used by the control unit to create profiles of power consumption/production for each source/load of the system. Once these profiles are created a better and tighter management can be deployed.

Energy Data Collection & Analysis

Information technology adds intelligence to factories from design to the end of the process. Today’s technologies automate the collection, storage and retrieval of data from across multiple factories and factory sub-systems to make that data available for decision makers, from facility managers to supervisors.

  • Energy Information

    Data dashboards display information like load profile analysis, energy usage benchmarking, utility rate benchmarking, and energy budget tracking.
  • Wide Temperature Support

    Devices under hazardous weather -20ºC ~ 60ºC

Intelligent Remote Control Management

  • iRIS modules compliant with IPMI 2.0
  • Fault detection and diagnostics save energy by quickly identifying inefficiencies and operational problems, helping managers achieve and sustain high performance.

Product Selection

Data Collector


DRPC Series


uIBX Series

Industrial Monitor


DM-F Series

Data Analysis