IEI Integration Corp. and Octon International Collaborate to Create an AI-Personalized Remote Medical Care Environment

Jul 09, 2024

With the rapid development of AI technology and the push from the pandemic, telemedicine has gradually expanded from supporting areas lacking medical resources to meeting personalized medical care needs. IEI Integration Corp. and Octon International are working together to provide a dedicated telemedicine solution to improve the quality of medical care and patient quality of life.

Telemedicine Solution: Remote Monitoring System

Combined with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), wearable devices, and mobile application technologies, enables the collection and analysis of health data. This provides remote monitoring, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, and promotes personalized healthcare, especially crucial for patients who cannot take care of themselves or require special care. By automatically detecting patients' physiological data and sound sources, the system can issue alert notifications in abnormal situations, allowing relevant personnel to respond promptly, reducing the risk of delayed treatment.

Addressing the Shortage of Medical Personnel

In the face of an aging society, the shortage of medical personnel has become a key reason to renewed interest in promoting remote medical monitoring. According to Director Chen from Taipei Medical University's research center, the shortage of medical personnel is estimated to reach 20% by 2025. Remote medical monitoring systems can reduce paper record operations, allowing nursing staff more time to focus on patient care, thereby improving the quality of care. These technologies provide uninterrupted care services even in the face of limited human resources, promote patient safety, improve medical processes, enhance system efficiency, and reduce costs.

IEI Integration Corp. and Octon International's Mobile Remote Care System

Hung, Min Feng, Manager of IEI Integration Corp., announced that as a leading provider of precision and digital medicine solutions, IEI Integration Corp. is committed to improving the quality of telemedicine care and lowering implementation barriers. The customized mobile telemedicine care solution created by IEI Integration Corp. and Octon International includes IEI’s new generation of medical panel PCs the POCm series, which will be unveiled in 2024. These panel PCs have medical certification, are powered by the latest 13th generation Intel® processors and three hot-swappable batteries they can provide sufficient power for 8-16 hours while also supplying power to peripheral devices.

Octon International's Executive Vice President, Paul Kuo, pointed out that in combination with Octon's smart medical communication system, STARMED, it can collect patients' physiological data, issue abnormal alerts, and provide nursing staff with relevant medical information, complying with HIPAA medical security regulations. This solution requires only one nursing cart to perform medical care in any area. Through video and audio, it creates a comprehensive remote medical care system, helping medical personnel grasp patients' health conditions and achieve personalized monitoring and management. This solution allows patients to enjoy exclusive care services remotely, achieving medical care goals.

Product Highlights