IEI Welcomes You Join AI & IoT Technology Conference in Russia

Feb 26, 2020

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IEI Welcomes You Join AI & IoT Technology Conference in Russia

In early March, an event will be held in St. Petersburg to bring together system developers, software, engineers, project managers and all involved in high technology and AIoT. The Nienschanz-Automatica company, together with Intel®, IEI Integration Corp., and Quarta Technology, will host a partner conference, AI for IoT: How Artificial Intelligence Affects the Effectiveness of the Internet of Things.

The event’s speakers will talk about the trends in the development of AI and IoT, as well as how combining them can increase workflow efficiency.

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Date & Place

Time March 4, 2020 from 9:30AM to 15:00PM. (Moscow time)
Location St. Petersburg, ul. Komsomol, 1-3 AI, Event-hall "LOFT 1869"
Organizer Nienschanz-Automatica.
Conference General Sponsor IEI Integration Corp.
Format Session of presentations from representatives of Intel, IEI Integration Corp., Nienschanz-Automatica and Quarta Technology, round tables with speakers, live communication with experts.
Participation Free of charge by prior registration

Purpose of The Conference

To show existing solutions using AIoT solutions for specific tasks, talk about the prospects for the development of AI and IoT to demonstrate ready-made ideas for digitalization of production.

We will talk about neural network inference tools, deep learning, driver assistance system, machine vision, and video recognition solutions of inference service from end devices to clouds.

Participants will learn about the prospects for the development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things, existing hardware and software tools for digitalization of enterprises.

Also at the conference, industry experts will show how artificial intelligence can become an "expert" in almost any field, even in medical diagnostics (at the stand they will demonstrate the operation of the system for detecting eye disease - age-related retinal degeneration).

Nienschanz-Automatica is a company with many years of experience in the field of industrial automation actively developing the AIoT direction. The company's engineers are ready to develop solutions for specific tasks and harsh operating conditions.

Conference Program

09:30-10:10 registration, greeting
10:10-10:50 “Intel Technologies for Computer Vision” (Intel Corporation)
10:50-11:30 “Edge Computing Solutions from IEI Integration Corp.” (“Nienschanz-Automatica”)
11:30-12:00 “Microsoft Platforms for IoT and Embedded-Systems” (“Quart Technologies”)
12:00-12:40 coffee break, live chat, demonstration of stands
12:40-13:10 “Hardware accelerators of the Mustang series for the inference of neural networks” (“Nienschanz-Automatica”)
13:10-13:50 “Scenarios for the application of AI and IoT solutions” (“Nienschanz-Automatica”)
13:50-14:30 coffee break and stand demonstration, free communication
14:30-15:00 round tables with speakers of Intel, “Quart Technology”, IEI and “Nienschanz-Automatica”, free communication


Intel Technologies for Computer Vision

  • Intel® OpenVINO ™ toolkit: neural network inference tool for computer vision and deep learning.

  • Portfolio of platform from end device to cloud

  • Ecosystem covering the entire width of IoT computer vision solutions.

Edge Computing Solutions from IEI Integration Corp.

  • An overview of the IEI Tank AIoT Developer Kit and development kit.

  • New features of embedded systems in the era of AI development.

Microsoft Platforms for IoT and Embedded Systems

  • IoT Trends and Market Development

  • Microsoft Integrated Approach

  • Cloud and device computing

  • Windows 10 IoT Series

  • End of support for Windows 7 - what's next?

Mustang Series Hardware Accelerators for Neural Network Inference

  • Scalable solutions with Intel® Movidius ™ for computer vision applications.

  • Configurable hardware accelerators with Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA.

Scenarios for the application of AI and IoT solutions

  • Examples of implemented projects and services.

  • AIoT technologies as drivers of growth in business performance and security systems.



Vladimir Raichev

Project Manager, Nienschanz-Automatica

Oleg Volkov

product manager of Nienschanz-Automatica

Valery Drobyshevsky

Commercial Director of Quarta Technology

Ivan Tolstoy

programmer "Nienschanz-Automatica"

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Roundtable Themes


No. 1 Round Table with Intel Corporation

Intel® OpenVINO ™ toolkit: answers to questions.

No. 2 Round Table with Quarta Technologies

Questions on Microsoft Windows Embedded / IoT Products

No. 3 Round table with the company Nienschanz-Automatica.

Discussion of the program for testing equipment and creating joint prototypes.


Typical Solutions Area

  • Automatic optical inspection - using neural networks to classify a part in a frame, and detect surface defects. The service runs on the TANK-870AI-i5 / 8G / 2A industrial embedded PC, and Mustang-V100-MX4 is used for the inference of neural networks.

  • Pointer detector is an idea dictated by the desire of enterprises to digitalize their production lines. The present standard solution demonstrates the possibility of IoT combining AI and technologies for solving non-trivial task - receiving data from the dial indicator gage e.g., in digital form, with the camera and industrial IoT gateway - ITG-100AI-E1 / 8GB / S .

  • Neural networks for healthcare - artificial intelligence, can become an "expert" in almost any field, even in medical diagnostics. AI-technologies make it possible to make diagnostics faster and more accurate, and the correct interpretation of the obtained data is extremely important for treatment. The demonstration stand shows the operation of one of such expert systems designed to diagnose eye pathology (age-related retinal degeneration).

  • Driver Assistance Systems ( ADAS) - on-board computers in transport, have long been familiar and their functionality expands every year. In the era of the development of artificial intelligence, on-board computers are increasingly equipped with functions to ensure road safety. On the basis of ITG-100AI-E1 / 8GB / S , a vehicle driver monitoring service is functioning, which warns of fatigue and the need to take a break, and if the driver is distracted while operating the vehicle, he will receive a sound warning.

  • Complexes of photo and video recording of traffic violations is the most obvious scenario for equipping compact devices with intelligent functionality. New technologies can not only expand the functionality, but also reduce the amount of information sent to the server. The presented solution for recognition of state registration plates of moving cars was prepared using the Mustang-V100-MX4 accelerator and the TANK-870AI-i5 / 8G / 2A industrial embedded PC.

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