Commitment to Product Security

At IEI, product security is our top priority. We work closely with customers and industry partners to implement advanced solutions and technologies, ensuring our design and manufacturing processes meet the highest industry security standards. Our mission is to deliver safe and reliable products while providing a platform that offers customers real-time information. We are dedicated to continuously identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities to ensure system security and mitigate potential risks.

The IEI Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is the central team for IEI and its subsidiaries, authorized to respond to potential security vulnerabilities, incidents, and other security issues related to IEI products, solutions, and services. IEI PSIRT manages the disclosure, investigation, internal coordination, and publication of security advisories for confirmed vulnerabilities, providing mitigations and fixes where available.

We actively encourage security researchers and other parties who detect potential security issues in IEI products, solutions, and services to contact the IEI PSIRT. By discussing and coordinating activities, we aim to enhance the security posture for IEI and its customers.

Security Bulletins

This section contains all recent security advisories that were issued by IEI PSIRT. Click on the Security Website Reference link in the table to view more details.