Laser Etching Machine Backup

Oct 28, 2019

Aging laser etching machine control computer revitalized with virtualization on QTS Gateway industrial PC
Aging hardware and software on dedicated machines pose a dilemma when upgrades or hardware repairs are required. Our client's etching machine used an industrial computer to control the equipment, with dedicated software installed on that system. Unfortunately, the hardware was becoming increasingly unreliable, which led to two significant consequences. The first was the downtime during equipment repair, decreasing overall throughput. Second, and more critical for long term use was the increased difficulty in acquiring legacy hardware parts. It was critical to migrate to new hardware, but that also involved quite a few challenges.The solution was setting up a virtual machine on the TANK using the QTS Gateway Virtualization Station, utilizing a P2V tool to migrate a virtualized copy of the operating system to the virtual machine on the TANK, and moving the expansion card from the original machine to the TANK. The result was an exact copy of the original computer software on a new, more powerful, and more robust hardware.This rest of this case study takes a deeper dive into the details.

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