Unified Remote Server Management Solution

QPulse is QNAP’s Centralized Remote Server Management solution designed for IT teams. QPulse monitors and controls the pulse/health of all the mission critical servers in your network. QPulse provides single point solution to discover, map, monitor and manage all the critical computing devices (servers/PCs/thin clients etc.) in your network. Manage your servers from multiple clients with-in or from outside of the same network.

Key Benefits

Server monitoring made easy

• Increase IT team’s visibility across the health of mission critical servers.
• Discover, map, monitor and control your networked resources from single platform
• Centralized web-based solution.
• Keeps track of all important device parameters and provides state of alert/event management
• Generates reports to help you analyze performance of your networked resources
• Support multiple platforms: Windows, Linux, UNIX.
• Supports IPMI 1.5 & 2.0 (IEI iRIS-2400, iRIS-1010 compatible)
• Spend less time in troubleshooting.

Remote KVM Solution for IPMI

Multichannel/Centralized Remote KVM Solution

With QNAP’s proprietary KVM proxy solution for IPMI compatible servers, you can remotely control the server even if server is turned off or is in BIOS mode. QPulse KVM solution supports multichannel, so that more than one client can connect to the remote server using KVM at the same time.

Remote KVM Recording and Playback

Track all the actions using KVM recording and playback

By enabling KVM recording, all the KVM data will be recorded in video format in the NAS. This way you can playback the recording based on date and time, and track the events. This provides a unique way to administrators to log each action taken on server and to improve the security.

Device Discovery and Topology

Discover and map the assets in your network

QPulse identifies all the deviceson your network including your routers, switches, servers and many more. Discover all the devices in your network using the IP range scan from start IP to end IP address. QPulse maps discover devices in graphic topology diagram. Personalize your network using the topology diagram. Network maps are a powerful first response tool that helps you to visualize your networks and quickly isolate the root cause of a problem.


Server management made easy

QPulse is a centralized, web-based solution. IT administrators can access it from any web browser. QPulse supports various active monitoring like CPU utilization, memory Utilization, CPU temperature, CPU fan speed, etc. This gives complete visibility to administrators across all the mission critical computing devices.

QPulse Function Overview

Customizable Dashboards

User can customize their dashboard for their own purpose.

QPulse Topology

Customer can discovered devices in the diagram which helps user to find the root cause of the problem.

QPulse KVM Playback

Customer can track the specific events from NAS.