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IEI Products are Windows 11 Ready to Help You Move to the Next Evolution of IoT

Dec 08, 2021

Microsoft announced the release of the new operating system, Windows 11, in October. IEI has tested Windows 11 on our products over the past ...

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The New Normal of Digital Healthcare

Nov 24, 2021

The world has been changed due to COVID-19, and people are seeking a new way to get used to the change in their daily life. IEI believes the ...

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IEI Release the New AI Box PC: HTB-210-Q470

Nov 24, 2021

The HTB-210-Q470 has a professional heat dissipation system designed for the internal GPU card, enabling high-performance AI computing in a ...

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IEI Launched the Latest 24” Medical Panel PC — POCi-W24C-ULT5

Nov 23, 2021

The POCi series is a medical panel PC featuring AI, edge computing with rich expansion functions. It is ideal to work in many kinds of medic ...

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Welcome to Join IEI Medical Webinar 2021

Nov 22, 2021

Now, you can join the IEI Medical Webinar by clicking the Join Now button below. You can register, and login to access it 24/7, no matter wh ...

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IEI’s Medical Image Management System Won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022!

Nov 10, 2021

IEI Integration Corp. is proud to announce that the POCi-W22C-ULT5 Medical Image Management System has won the Taiwan Excellence Award 2022. ...

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AI Vision Crowd Monitoring System

Oct 25, 2021

Monitoring crowds is vital for maintaining a close check on current conditions and avoiding the problems posed by large groups of people. W ...

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Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

Aug 30, 2021

Electric vehicles continue to see record-breaking year-over-year sales growth, accelerating the environmental protection initiatives globall ...

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IEI Launches New Powerful AI Accelerator PCIe Cards with Coral Edge TPU™ - Mustang-T100

Aug 18, 2021

IEI, one of the leading edge computing solution providers today announced that IEI and Coral are partnering to expand edge AI business by pr ...

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IEI Launched The Latest AI Accelerator Card with Coral Edge TPU™ - Mustang-T100

Aug 02, 2021

The Mustang-T100 integrated five Coral TPU modules in a real compact size PCIe card with half-height and half-length, and offered well compu ...

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