Enhanced Loitering Detection With AI-Powered PIDS

Mar 03, 2021

AI-enabled perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDSs) enhance physical PIDS sensors and surveillance cameras' detection capabilities. By identifying and classifying objects in the security video stream, such as people, animals, or vehicles, the system tracks moving objects and triggers an alarm only if that particular object poses a threat, reducing false alarms and making it ideal for low-density areas.
Legacy systems used a combination of physical sensors and surveillance systems that were either passive or incorporated simple movement detection. They suffered from inaccuracy because they required a detailed setup to account for flora, fauna, weather, terrain, and other features before providing reliable results. And even then there were plenty of false alarms. Using modern AI, these systems can be smart about setting off the alarm as they can track specific movements accurately and automatically identify real threats while minimizing false positives and human error by correctly identifying behavior such as trying to cut or climb a fence or lingering by a locked entrance.

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