IEI Launches 4K HDR SDVoE Transceiver to Drive the Evolution of AV-over-IP

May 20, 2022

4K HDR AV over IP Transceiver

SFP+ and RJ45 Combo Port, Zero Latency

IEI’s new 4K video solution, iSDV-200CTR, is a high−performance, zero latency, and 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) AV over IP video streaming transceiver, and is compliant with SDVoE technology. With its transceiver function, the iSDV-200CTR can act as a transmitter (Tx) and also a receiver (Rx) to deliver excellent flexibility of deployment by software utility for different video scenarios. This transceiver built with the 10GbE combo port design is able to stream over copper cable or fiber cable in one device. Moreover, to offer a complete 4K video solution, IEI develops a value-added software utility, iSDV Network Video Orchestrator featuring intuitive user interface for centralization management, and enabling easy configuration of all iSDV-200CTR devices. As a leading 4K video streaming transceiver, the iSDV-200CTR delivers advanced capabilities for live event, video wall or situation room.

iSDV Application Block Diagram

iSDV Application Block Diagram

Seamless Switching, Video Wall, Multi-view and KVM Functions

IEI iSDV-200CTR transceiver can be configured and reconfigured via iSDV software to suit users’ evolving needs in a cost-effective way without the need for any further third party, outboard processing equipments. The total savings over time can be massive due to its flexibility that reduces the cost of hardware upgrade. Moreover, the iSDV-200CTR equips a powerful AV processing unit, SDVoE (Software Defined Video-over-Ethernet), enabling real-time audio-visual functions.

iSDV Control Center

iSDV Network Video Orchestrator

Simply log into the iSDV Network Video Orchestrator, a web-based application, to manage all your iSDV devices from a central console. It can run in different platforms, such as Windows 10/11, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS+, QNAP NAS QTS 5. Its intuitive user interface allows you to setup Tx and Rx modes, quickly configure display array or other settings, and check the status of all devices in real-time.

Intuitive web-based GUI

Control over matrix, video wall, and multi-viewer modes

Simple installation procedure and intuitive user interface

Display real-time status and setting of all connected transmitters and receivers

Hardware Key Strengths


The iSDV-200CTR is a next generation transceiver which is unique in that it can be both an encoder and a decoder simultaneously, delivering ultimate performance, flexibility and cost savings. Furthermore, the TRX can transmit and receive up to 4K60 video simultaneously.

10GbE SFP+ and RJ45 Combo Port

To meet diverse network switch requirements, the iSDV-200CTR supports both SFP+ (fiber) and RJ45 (copper) ports for servicing a range of network needs.
* The SFP+ transceiver module is not included in the package.
* The SFP+ and RJ45 ports can't be used simultaneously.

Up to 100m over Cat-6a UTP copper cable

Extends the transmission over Cat-6a cable up to 100m from the HDMI™ source at Ultra-HD 4K2K@60 4:4:4 and extends flawless signal quality across a room or an entire facility.

Up to 40km over single mode fiber

Extends the transmission over optic cable up to 40km, and go beyond the limits of normal AV signal extensions to support massive building to building installations.
* The SFP+ transceiver module is not included in the package.

Management Visualization

For easier management, the iSDV-200CTR is designed with a LCM to show the IP address of the device, and various LED indicators are provided on the front panel for you to check the device status on site directly.


  • Supporting 10GbE copper & fiber ports
  • High-performance, zero-latency extension and switching for 4K video
  • Easy deployment by switching TX and RX function in one device
  • With LCM for device IP address display, enabling visualization and easy on-site setup
  • Value-added software for flexible management of TX/RX configurations from a central console
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