From IoT to AIoT: What is the Next Step of IEI

Dec 22, 2020

The word, IoT, was first introduced in 1999. As technology advances, AI technology has now been combined with IoT. Coupled with 5G development, AIoT will surely become a development indicator in the future.

At the end of 2020, we are glad to invite our senior vice president of RD, Kenny Jan, to talk about IoT. The following are excerpts from the interview:
Guest: Kenny Jan, Senior Vice President of R&D Center (Left)
Host: Joe Lien, Officer of Marketing Dept. (Right)
Joe: Today I am glad to invite our senior vice president of RD, Kenny Jan, to talk about IoT. Could you briefly introduce yourself to our audience?         
Kenny: Hello, everyone. I am Kenny. I am currently working at IEI’s R&D Center and I am responsible for technology development and R&D management. I have worked for IEI Group for more than 17 years. The projects I have managed focus on BMC/IKVM SoC, medical, imaging, IoT, AI and other fields. Technically, we specialize in integrating FPGA, SoC, MCU and x86 platforms based on the project requirements to meet customers’ product specifications. As for the software, we develop products based on Linux BSP/Qt, RTOS, Android OS/APP, and Windows AP/Driver.
Joe: I can see that smart medical care is what IEI focuses on and has many experiences in it. Now winter is coming, and the pandemic is getting worse again. Is there any related case study that you can share with us for tackling the challenge?
IEI RD SR VP Kenny Jan
Kenny: I happen to have a recent case that I can share with you. It is a bit similar to the case of pandemic control I mentioned above. We are developing a health monitoring wristband.In this project, AI is used to analyze
the physiological parameters of the human body, and then use the value to predict whether the person is about to have a fever, so that the condition can be reported in advance. It can be regarded as an AI application combined with IoT.
Joe: In the next few years, which IEI solutions and products will be applied to the new IoT technologies mentioned above?
Kenny: I think IEI has accumulated a lot of technical experiences in low-power processor platform development and medical-related applications. In the future, in addition to healthcare and home care, we hope to contribute more in the agricultural and livestock industry for temperature and humidity monitoring, or in household water and electricity meters, or even leverage the low latency feature of 5G to achieve the sensing and control of high-speed moving objects.
Kenny Jan IoT to AIoT, what is the next step
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