IEI Integration Corp. and CyberLink Work Together to Create Various AloT Solutions for Smart Retail and Security Control

Mar 06, 2020

IEI Press Release

IEI Integration Corp. and CyberLink Work Together to Create Various AloT Solutions for Smart Retail and Security Control

Taipei, Taiwan — March 6, 2020 — IEI Integration Corp. and CyberLink announced their cooperation in integrating AI Facial Recognition Technology FaceMe® into AI Embedded System products of IEI, aiming to help customers easily build the AIoT applications in smart retail and smart security control. The collaborative solution made its debut in Embedded World 2020 in Germany.

Through this strategic collaboration, IEI’s FLEX-BX200, AI computing Embedded System product, combining with Mustang-V100-MX8 VPU accelerator card, integrated with CyberLink’s FaceMe® Facial Recognition engine. FLEX-BX200 can be applied to deep-learning inferential computing and support GPU card, Intel® FPGA accelerator card as well as Intel®VPU accelerator card, offering extra computing capacity and peer-to-peer solutions to achieve more efficient performance. Among them, the tool kit supporting Intel®OpenVINO is able to optimize the deep-learning model of pre-training and expand the mission to various types of Intel® platform with the maximum efficacy. Compared with the performance efficiency of common CPU, FaceMe® can boost the recognizing speed up by 17.4 times through the acceleration of VPU. In addition to providing customers with efficient facial recognition function, FaceMe®, also making use of the hardware strength in low-power consumption and high performance, can be used in various IoT facial recognition application scenarios such as smart retail, smart security control, smart access control and smart finance etc. in way of multiple deployments.

“In view of the vigorous development of facial recognition applied in such fields as loT and AIoT, FaceMe® is able to perfom in loT/AloT devices with all kinds of operation systems and hardware specifications so as to create more diversified value-added services.” Mei Guu, COO of CyberLink, said,” The cooperation of CyberLink and IEI successfully united the facial recognition technology FaceMe® with AI Computing Embedded System to provide customers with more efficient and more flexible facial recognition solutions. It can be flexibly constructed in such application scenarios as smart retail, smart home, smart security control and public security.”

The products of IEI, the global leading brand of industrial computer, make it possible for global customers to use the applications in factory automation, networking appliances, national defense, architecture, public security, smart transportation, medical devices and other relevant apps.” Don Yu, Sr. Director of IEI, said,” In alliance with CyberLink, we combined Flex-BX200 products, the AI Computing Embedded System, with the newly-introduced Mustang-V100 AI accelerator, which was co-developed with Intel. Moreover, with the adoption of facial recognition engine, we are able to offer complete AI edge computing solutions, assisting global customers in building more flexible application scenarios.”