Digital Power Meter Data Collection Gateway

Oct 31, 2019

TANK_860_QGW_data_collectionConnecting legacy digital meter data to the cloud through an industrial computer with multiple COM ports and built-in virtualization software
A Taiwan-based building automation company, needed to upgrade their client's current meter data collection system to gather digital power meter readings from their factory and transmit that data to the online WebAccess/SCADA system,they faced a number of restrictions.
There were eleven data inputs, but the measurement software, which runs on Windows XP, is limited to one installation per OS, and can only connect to two COM ports. With purely hardware upgrades, six separate computers with two COM ports each would be required. The software development costs to upgrade this proprietary software made software upgrades prohibitive for current needs. An innovative combination of IEI's TANK hardware and QTS Gateway technologies provided a reliable and compact all-in-one solution that would allow for continued use of legacy hardware and software while enabling the essential migration of control systems to a graphical web-based interface. This case study takes a closer look at the details.

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