IEI & Sartura Announce Open Source-Powered Partnership

Jul 22, 2020

IEI Press Release

IEI & Sartura Announce Open Source-Powered Partnership

【Taipei, Taiwan, July 22, 2020】IEI Integration Corp. (IEI) and Sartura. Ltd. (Sartura) today announced an Open Source-powered partnership for the IEI Puzzle Series network appliances

IEI PUZZLE series is built-in with the latest generation Intel®, AMD, Marvell, NXP or Cavium processors, and is integrated with Aquantia, Intel®, Broadcom or Mellanox network interface controllers. These products are designed to handle proprietary network and uCPE (Universal Customer Premise Equipment) to offer real-time software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) services with any additional virtual network functions (VNF) services.


The PUZZLE-M801, one of the members of the PUZZLE family, is powered by Marvell® Armada Series to deliver high-performance computing capability with quad-core Cortex-A72 CPU by implementing a packet processor and 10GbE integration to offer datapath acceleration. It has two 10GbE SFP+ ports and four 1GbE RJ-45 LAN ports for high speed transmission, and it is also a brilliant AI-ready system ideal for deep learning inference computing. Based on its cost saving feature and multiple standard functions, the PUZZLE-M801 is the best choice for entry-level users.

Sartura provides best-in-class engineering services for network edge and CPE software. The complete set of services handles every aspect of bringing networking solutions to the market - from embedded engineering and managing Open Source components to increasing the marketability of the end product. Sartura also addresses growing industry requirements for on-demand component development, such as tailor-made applications for embedded systems, Open Source components, Web UI/UX solutions, and custom Linux kernel ports.

IEI has partnered with Sartura to provide development, integration, and consulting services to companies utilizing IEI's next generation of network appliances, Puzzle Series. Sartura will add support for IEI’s Puzzle Series into the Open Source ecosystem, and maintain and optimize the software to ensure IEI’s customers get the most out of these devices. This partnership will also speed up customer’s development and integration process while decreasing the time and effort needed to make their product stand out on the market.

“IEI has extensive experience in IPC and network hardware for more than 20 years. We had been looking for a reliable network software partner to deliver comprehensive edge and uCPE solutions. The professional service and the powerful open source knowledge that Sartura offers can truly enhance our network business. IEI is pleased to see more cooperation with Sartura from now to the future.” said Teresa Tseng, Senior Sales Associate Vice President at IEI.

“We are looking forward to collaborating with IEI, a renowned supplier of network appliances. Delivering successful networking products to the market requires excellence in all segments from manufacturing the hardware to ensuring that a quality software ecosystem has been built around it. It is our belief that Sartura’s expertise will be a key component in helping IEI customers build successful products based on IEI hardware and Open Source software. IEI has recognized the value of Open Source technologies and we are very pleased that Sartura will help drive these efforts.” said Luka Perkov, CEO & Founder at Sartura.

IEI and their customers can now leverage Sartura’s strong presence and experience in the Open Source industry to build successful products based on Open Source technologies. This collaboration is the first step in bringing versatile IEI devices to the market by utilizing Open Source technologies. In addition, these advancements will contribute to making IEI Puzzle Series more competitive in the market and in pace with the latest innovations in the networking field.

About IEI Integration Corp.

IEI Integration Corp. is a leading industrial computer provider. Nowadays, IEI strives to be an AI and networking edge computing solution provider. IEI's products are computer-based and bundled with partners’ technologies to offer user friendly systems in the field of AIoT, such as factory automation, inference/training service, networking appliance, public security surveillance and so on. Moreover, IEI alliances with major IT companies to deliver advanced technologies like Intel® OpenVINO™ toolkits, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass to help customers get AIoT solutions up and running quickly. IEI also provides ODM service for healthcare, transportation, energy, retail, defense, building automation and smart cities around the world.

About Sartura Ltd.

Sartura Ltd. specializes in providing development and integration services for network edge and CPE software. By integrating devices into Open Source embedded distributions, assembling Open Source components into complete solutions or delivering on-demand applications, Sartura equips companies with services needed to successfully deliver and differentiate their products on the market. Sartura is recognized by renowned companies from diverse industry sectors as the go-to partner for leveraging Open Source technologies on their products.