IEI Introduces Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Frontline Pandemic Prevention

Jun 17, 2020

IEI Press Release

IEI Introduces Body Temperature Monitoring Solution for Frontline Pandemic Prevention

The coronavirus is spreading over the world. Advanced medical care in Taiwan is globally renowned. Through the industry- government-university collaboration, upstream preventive measures are being taken to maintain an airtight defense. To coordinate the pandemic prevention policies at various stages, control measures such as temperature taking, gathering size control and social distancing are frequently implemented at various small and large public spaces. Therefore, common thermometer products are regarded as indispensable necessities. And yet, most thermometers consume both time and manpower. In view of this, IEI introduces a brand-new Body Temperature Monitoring Solution, which not only provides plug-and–play functionality but also quick and easy operation, effectually improving the process of taking temperatures.

IEI’s Body Temperature Monitoring Solution integrates the POCi medical panel PC with a thermal network camera. Through the technology of portrait capture and temperature data comparison, the blocks corresponding to human faces will be framed without generating false alarm owing to the disturbances from other heat sources. For instance, the detection results will not be influenced if people carry hot drinks or wear masks.

Introduces_Body_Temperature_Monitoring_Solution_scenario-1 Introduces_Body_Temperature_Monitoring_Solution_scenario-2 Introduces_Body_Temperature_Monitoring_Solution_scenario-3 Introduces_Body_Temperature_Monitoring_Solution_scenario-4

Speciable detection range

The range for detection can be specied to meet your requirement.

Monitoring a number of people at once

This system can detect up to 30 persons’ body temperature at the same time

Excluding other heat sources

No false alarms will be generated when holding hot drink

High temperature alert

When detecting a high temperature, an alarm will be triggered to notify the person in charge

Ordinary forehead or ear thermometers take around three seconds for each measurement and can only take one person at a time, which is relatively time-consuming and inefficient. At crowded public spaces, you can see people stand in queues waiting for having their temperatures taken. IEI Body Temperature Monitoring Solution solves the time-consuming and accuracy problems; it is capable of taking the temperatures of thirty persons all at the same time with an accuracy of ±0.3 degrees, the best in the industry at present.

By taking the geographical differences of various customers into account, this system reserves moderate flexibility. The range and value for detection can be adjusted according to users’ requirements, effectively avoiding barriers or inexorable disturbing areas. Whenever detecting a high temperature, the system will beep to catch the attention of the monitoring staff. Moreover, the temperature records taken can be downloaded for follow-ups.

The POCi series, a medical-grade panel PC developed by IEI, possesses great color rendering effects. Its anti-glare coating can virtually eliminate the reflection of light; the narrow border design is used on its aluminum front bezel with the characteristic of chemical corrosion resistance; with IP66 grade protection, its front panel can be sterilized with alcohol; the additional slots on the side allow the installation of more optional items such as accelerator card or frame grabber, achieving extra pandemic prevention effect. By combining a PoE card, the POCi series can meet the requirements for telehealth, completing the best formula for pandemic prevention.

IEI, as a leading industrial computer provider, will serve to provide solutions that are needed in the fight against this global health crisis.

Solution A:
Medical Grade Panel PC

8th Gen Intel® CPU

IP66 waterproof and aluminum front bezel; narrow border display

IP54 waterproof back panel with 1920x1080 IPS


Solution B:
Medical Grade Panel PC with Battery

6th Gen Intel® CPU

Three hot-swappable batteries

Anti-bacteria housing and it can be sanitized with alcohol


Optional Accessory
Rolling cart with wheels for high mobility


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