Supercapacitor backup board

» Six 3.0V/600F supercapacitors
» 12/19/24 VDC Adaptive input/output.
» Maximum 150W load 3V@25°C lasting 60 sec
» The standard 60W load 3V@25°C lasting 180 sec
» -40°C to 60°C wide temperature environment
» 500,000 charge-discharge life cycles
» Long supercapacitor lifetime, up to 10 years
» Intuitive power management software for easier management
» Provide power-off shutdown service through software/hardware

Long-Life, Maintenance-Free
Power Backup Module

The RHEA-I660A is a supercapacitor-based uninterruptible power supply module that can protect your back-end system against power outages in critical environments sensitive to short power supply interruptions, such as manufacturing, healthcare, data centers, and infrastructure applications.

It effectively addresses power quality issues and short-term blackouts, surpassing traditional battery UPS systems. It operates within a range of -40°C to 60°C and boasts exceptional durability, lasting over 10 years without maintenance. Additionally, you can conveniently monitor its status through the user-friendly GUI manager.

Reliable Backup Power with IEI Supercapacitors:
Your Ideal Solution for Common Power Quality Challenges

10 Years Lifetime, 500,000

Its service life is ten times longer than that of traditional lead-acid batteries. This longevity makes it a cost-effective choice, minimizing the need for regular maintenance and replacements.

6 x 600 Farads High Load

Composed of six 600F/3.0V supercapacitors, capable of supporting a maximum load of 150W for up to 60 seconds of extended safe operation under 25°C

Flexible Mounting and Seamless Integration

Multiple mounting hole designs make installation easy and hassle-free. No need for a complicated installation process

Rapid Charge and

Industries benefit from reduced downtime and increased productivity due to quick power backup during interruptions

Wide Temperature Operation

The supercapacitor power module is suitable for installation in particularly hot and cold environments without the need for air conditioning

Ensuring Safe Shutdown

Studies by the Electric Power Research Institute have shown that approximately 83% of power outages last less than 10 seconds. These outages often occur during summer thunderstorms when lightning strikes near electrical equipment, causing voltage fluctuations. Since the duration of these outages is short, there is usually no need for long-term storage solutions like batteries. Instead, using a supercapacitor power backup approach can offer a reliable and uninterrupted power supply to sensitive equipment, providing protection against downtime and potential damage.

The RHEA-I660A consists of six 600F supercapacitors. The backup power module can provide enough power for your system to operate for up to 60 seconds during a sudden power outage. This allows you to safely shut down your system or wait until the main power is restored.

Standard input and output interface

10-year Longlife and Cost-Effective
Back-Up Power Solution

The lifespan of supercapacitors is solely restricted by the evaporation of the electrolyte. Supercaps UPS, on the other hand, have a lifespan that is theoretically infinite. The distinctive features of supercapacitors make IEI's RHEA-I660A an economically viable alternative for your backup power solution. These performance traits lead to substantial cost savings throughout the lifespan of a UPS application. The extent of the savings depends on how often batteries need to be replaced, potentially reducing the total lifetime costs.

* IEI Supercapacitors Power Module, by default, sets the operating lifetime at 10 years. Users can unbind the time by adjusting the operating temperature or working voltage to get a new estimated lifetime.

Load life under different voltage and temperature
\ Voltage
2V 2.1V 2.2V 2.3V 2.4V 2.5V 2.6V 2.7V 2.8V 2.9V 3V
65ºC 96,955 (hours) 61,364 (hours) 38,838 (hours) 24,581 (hours) 15,558 (hours) 9,847 (hours) 6,232 (hours) 3,944 (hours) 2,496 (hours) 1,580 (hours) 1,000 (hours)
11.07 (years) 7.01 (years) 4.43 (years) 2.81 (years) 1.78 (years) 1.12 (years) 0.71 (years) 0.45 (years) 0.28 (years) 0.18 (years) 0.11 (years)
55ºC 300,561 (hours) 190,228 (hours) 120,398 (hours) 76,201 (hours) 48,229 (hours) 30,524 (hours) 19,319 (hours) 12,227 (hours) 7,739 (hours) 4,898 (hours) 3,100 (hours)
34.31 (years) 21.72 (years) 13.74 (years) 8.70 (years) 5.51 (years) 3.48 (years) 2.21 (years) 1.40 (years) 0.88 (years) 0.56 (years) 0.35 (years)
45ºC 931,739 (hours) 589,708 (hours) 373,233 (hours) 236,223 (hours) 149,509 (hours) 94,626 (hours) 59,890 (hours) 37,905 (hours) 23,990 (hours) 15,184 (hours) 9,610 (hours)
106.36 (years) 67.32 (years) 42.61 (years) 26.97 (years) 17.07 (years) 10.80 (years) 6.84 (years) 4.33 (years) 2.74 (years) 1.73 (years) 1.10 (years)
35ºC 2,888,391 (hours) 1,828,095 (hours) 1,157,022 (hours) 732,293 (hours) 463,476 (hours) 293,339 (hours) 185,658 (hours) 117,505 (hours) 74,370 (hours) 47,070 (hours) 29,791 (hours)
329.72 (years) 208.69 (years) 132.08 (years) 83.60 (years) 52.91 (years) 33.49 (years) 21.19 (years) 13.41 (years) 8.49 (years) 5.37 (years) 3.40 (years)
25ºC 8,954,011 (hours) 5,667,096 (hours) 3,586,770 (hours) 2,270,107 (hours) 1,436,777 (hours) 909,352 (hours) 575,539 (hours) 364,265 (hours) 230,548 (hours) 145,916 (hours) 92,352 (hours)
1022.15 (years) 646.93 (years) 409.45 (years) 259.14 (years) 164.02 (years) 103.81 (years) 65.70 (years) 41.58 (years) 26.32 (years) 16.66 (years) 10.54 (years)

LCM Display Module for Real-Time Monitoring

RHEA-I660A's critical values can be easily monitored with an bright LCD module that enables on-site management, making it easy for users to keep an
eye on the condition of the backup module.

Display critical status updates

working voltage, overcurrent, overvoltage, etc.

Working mode

Two installation ways for automation


Cable connection

Flexible Mounting, Seamless Integration

Equipped with multiple mounting holes for easy installation; no complicated installation process is required.

Side Mount

Rear Mount

Remote Management with an Easy-to-Use Interface

Interactive GUI

The streamlined management interface meets user-friendly convenience with an interactive GUI that enables remote management and monitoring by effortlessly connecting to a management console through the USB port

Monitoring and Retrieval of
Essential Information

Monitoring and retrieving essential information about the supercapacitor backup module. This information includes the model, serial number, specifications, voltage, load power, working mode, current, and other easy-to-understand details

Lifetime Extendable

The lifetime of the Supercap power module can be extended by configuring the working voltage or ambient temperatures of the Supercap

Power Safety and Reliability

The RHEA-I660A incorporates multiple protective features to ensure reliable performance. It includes overvoltage protection (OVP) to protect against voltage spikes, overload protection to prevent excessive current flow, and reverse protection to avoid damage from reverse polarity. These features make the RHEA-I660A highly safe for mission-critical applications.

  • • Reverse protection
  • • Overload protection
  • • Overvoltage protection (OVP)

Technology Comparison between
Supercapacitors and Batteries

Supercapacitors and batteries offer distinct advantages and are suited for different applications. Supercapacitors excel in providing rapid power delivery and long cycle life, making them ideal for applications where efficiency and durability are essential. In contrast, batteries offer higher energy density, making them preferable for applications requiring extended energy storage. Both technologies have their roles in the evolving landscape of energy storage, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Safe Operation

Supercapacitors can be completely discharged without the risk of overheating, fire, or explosion.


Supercapacitors are more efficient, particularly at full load conditions, achieving higher round-trip efficiency than lithium-ion batteries.

Green Product

Supercapacitors has longer lifespan that reduce replacements, thereby decreasing the overall environmental impact, and the absence of hazardous materials makes supercapacitors safer for environment than some batteries.


Machine Vision

The integration of UPS with machine vision systems offers a host of benefits, ranging from enhanced operational continuity to improved equipment longevity. RHEA-I660A can be installed into machines and play an important role to guarantee proper and safe shutdown of the PC to protect the data stored in HDD/ SSD.

Automated Inspection Systems for Vehicles

The integration of UPS safe shutdown technology into automated vehicle inspection systems is pivotal in ensuring not only the accuracy and efficiency of inspections but also the safety of personnel and the environment.. Install a RHEA-I660A and it can ensure the proper shutdown of the PC and protect the data stored in HDD/ SSD.

Semi-Conductor Inspection System

A PC installed in an industrial machine is one of the easily damaged electrical devices during an unforeseen power outage. Since semi-conductor manufacturing and inspection systems are expensive machineries, install a RHEA-I660A and it can ensure the proper shutdown of the PC and protect the data stored in HDD/ SSD.


Hospitals and healthcare facilities have a broad array of applications that require good power quality. Some are more critical than others and many require a UPS that is customized to meet the needs of the application. Our products are optimized to ensure this sensitive equipment is thoroughly protected.

I/O Interface

Block Diagram


Hardware Spec.

Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
Voltage 12V or 19V or 24V ±10%
Voltage 12V or 19V or 24V ±10%
Watt 150W
Dimensions 166 x 90.5 x 82.6 (mm)
Output Connector 1 x LED display interface (2x10 Pin)
1 x DC in (2x2 Pin)
1 x DC out (2x2 Pin)
1 x relay (1x6 Pin)
1 x USB2.0 Type-A
1 x Debug (1x3 Pin)
1 x FW flash (2x7 Pin)
2 x Power btn (1x2 Pin)
Key Features
Key Features
  • Super Capacitor (6 x 600F@3V)
  • Service life >10 years (when the capacitor works at 3V and 25 temperature)
  • 500,000 charge and discharge cycles
  • Backup time:
    60 sec. (under 150W load at 3V@25°C)
    180 sec. (under 60W load at 3V@25°C)

Ordering Information

RHEA-I660A-R10 150W DC/DC Supercapacitor backup board, 12/19/24V Input and Output, 6 x 600F@3V Supercapacitor, with L-shaped holder, Internal

Package Contents

Package Content
  • 1 x USB Cable (Type-A to Type-A 500mm, P/N: 32001-006105-200-RS)

  • 1 x LED Cable (Header 2*10P P=1.27 Female *2, 200mm, P/N: 32133-038600-100-RS)

Download Specs.