Centralized and Web-enabled ePaper Content Manager

IEI's content manager, ideaRoomX, allows you to create and manage your ePaper templates and contents with ease from the web console - no development skills required! It will help you save time and money because of its easy workflow.

Flexible Editing Interface

Create a flexible layout for content display, allowing for easy editing and style modification

Supporting layer functions, increasing production flexibility

Open API Brings More Possibilities

Open and complete RESTful API

Developers can easily integrate ideaRoomX's functions with user's application


Edit without learning another app

Streamlines cooperation and work experience

Field Objects Establishment

Creating field objects and supports the function of importing bulk item data with Excel file

Supports json format as a data source

Seamless Content Management

Curate content or create something brand new – no design or technical skills needed.

Effortless Content Creation

Equipped with rich design widgets and through simple drag-and-drop and pick-and-click settings, you can generate templates with ease. Seamlessly combine text, images, shapes, and objects into the template to ensure you can present informative content.

Detailed Previews

Designing based on the key characteristics of each individual ePaper model. Able to preview exactly how it will appear, even in full-screen mode and with dithering treatment on the image.

Central Management

Provide a quick and straightforward view of the dashboard. Easily manage multiple contents for dozens of ePaper devices around the world from management console

Field Objects Reduce the Hassle of Constantly Modifying Templates

Field objects simplify the process of creating images from extensive itemized field data in a specific scenario. You can import these field objects using Excel or CSV files. This method allows users to eliminate the repetitive task of adjusting templates each time there's new data input.

System Structure with Field Data Integration

Related Software Tools

iRM Manages Every Device
from One Place

This tool, iRM, allows the user to view device information about each display, the web dashboard can also be used to check the battery status, perform wireless settings, or check the stand-by and wake up times.

ideaGatewayX Facilitates Connections
Between On-Site Data Sources and Devices

IdeaGatewayX facilitates secure data communication from your ePaper device to on-site data sources, through APIs or shared folders, and supports JSON files. Integrating IdeaGatewayX allows automatic image generation by transmitting text and image data via APIs.

Unlimited Potential with ideaRoomX

Museums and Art Galleries

A Digital Gallery Display, which is a flexible, instant digital label crafted on electronic paper, is intended to substitute conventional gallery signs.

Storage Cards in Pharmacy

The use of E-paper storage cards in pharmacy rooms revolutionizes smart medicine by enabling real-time monitoring and inventory control of drugs, reducing human error, improving drug management efficiency, and ensuring patient safety.

Room Signage

Show real-time schedules from your calendar app and display reservation status for meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. This way, you are no longer burdened with maintaining out-of-date paper schedules.

ideaRoomX System Requirements

Browser Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox
Recommended Hardware TS-i410X-8G2H
Operating System QTS 5.0.0 or later (except QTS Hero)
Software Container, iRM