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IMBA-Q170-i2-R10 & IMBA-Q170-ECO-R10 are compatible with KABY LAKE or 7th Gen CPU?


 BIOS version name for “7th Gen CPU and this is dedicated for KABY LAKE Platform” first also this support with SKY LAKE platform CPU as well:

B360AR3X.R01 / B360AR3X.R02

 BIOS version name for “6th Gen CPU and this dedicated for SKY LAKE Platform” only:

B360AR1X.R01 / B360AR1X.R02


 Plz use skylake CPU in first if your on-board BIOS ver is 1x,then do 'GO ME' method BIOS flash for BIOS_3x perhaps contact FAE if you aren't familiar with this flash method.