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HYPER-BW - How to use audio function on HYPER-BW?

Brief Description

There is no any audio codec IC on the HYPER-BW motherboard, it must to connect with a HDA audio peripheral board AC-KIT-892HD-R10 to provide the audio function.


HYPER-BW motherboard already supported HDA audio function, and there is a 'J_AUDIO1' connector design for connect to audio peripheral board AC-KIT-892HD-R10.

***Important Remind: ***

Please set the 'jumper J2' as '1-2 short' on AC-KIT-892HD-R10 audio peripheral board, it will set DDVD power as +1.5V to suit with HYPER-BW motherboard's circuit design.


It tested audio function was working on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS with OS built-in drivers.