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WAFER-board - why BIOS flashing “GO” command is not working related to UEFI?

Brief Description

This because ' .NCH file instead of .BAT file for BIOS' in recent board with AMI-UEFI BIOS support UEFI-shell mode, so legacy DOS-mode will not support this access and we strongly recommend to use 'BIOS update under UEFI-mode' as similar.



1.       Enabled UEFI under BOOT in BIOS.

2.       Ensure selected UEFI-Bootable DOS-disk with need BIOS folder files, mainly UEFI folder.

3.       Type command “ fs0: ” or 'fs1:' , etc.

4.       Locate target BIOS folder files.

5.       Execute command “ go ” as standard method.

6.       Wait for till flash complete without interruption.