Surgical Imaging

Feb 12, 2019

Surgical Imaging - Video capture device for endoscopy
Video capture device for endoscopy
Endoscopic surgery often called Minimally Invasive Surgery, allows a small tube with a camera on the end to be inserted either through a small incision or a natural cavity to view internal body parts. The safety of this delicate procedure is greatly enhanced by a robotic arm. This robotic assistant reduces the number of people needed in surgery and frees assistants to take care of other tasks. The robotic arm also gives flexible placement for tasks in harder to reach places.
High Definition video from the camera is essential for this precision operation. To display and record this HD video a computer with sufficient processing power is needed. Proprietary systems can achieve this goal, but lock customers into a system that can prove expensive and incur major switching costs.
Our client manufactures robotic arms for MIS and chose the IEI HTB-100-HM170-i7 for video display and capture. This case study takes a closer look at the exact requirements and what adjustments were made to achieve the best match for this job.

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