All-in-one Network Video Surveillance Solution

Apr 30, 2020

Virtualized network functions, built on Off-The-Shelf hardware, allow the integration of traditionally non-networked services into the net ...

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Unmanned Parking Management System

Apr 20, 2020

Our client, with its Parking Cloud system, is Korea's only smart integrated parking service provider. They operate in all areas of parking, ...

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All-in-one Network Appliance

Apr 10, 2020

Our client was looking for a network appliance to implement SWAN,CDN, Cloud, VPN, and WAN services, as well as deliver a robust and reliable ...

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Network Firewall on PUZZLE Networking Appliance

Mar 13, 2020

When our client approached IEI, they were looking to expand their service offerings to include an advanced network firewall solution for the ...

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Brain Wave Monitoring System

Feb 11, 2020

Computer-equipped workstations on wheels are an integral part of daily life for hospital nursing staff. The medical panel PCs used for the ...

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Parking lot main computer upgrade

Feb 04, 2020

How an Industrial Automation Company Used IEI’s TANK IPC to Save a Failing System Host Computer When our client, an industrial automation ...

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Digital Power Meter Data Collection Gateway

Oct 31, 2019

A Taiwan-based building automation company, needed to upgrade their client's current meter data collection system to gather digital power m ...

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Laser Etching Machine Backup

Oct 28, 2019

Aging hardware and software on dedicated machines pose a dilemma when upgrades or hardware repairs are required. Our client's etching machi ...

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Virtual Machine Backups

Sep 25, 2019

Our client's instruments were connected to control computers that were getting too old, and the aging hardware was becoming prone to failur ...

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AOI Machine Controller

Sep 09, 2019

Our client manufactures Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) machines for LCD panel inspection. Quality control through automated inspection o ...

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