Eye Surgery Panel PC

Aug 19, 2019

Industrial Panel PC for eye surgery
Panel PC integrated into pattern matching photocoagulation laser
Quality, reliability, and safety are at the heart of medical computing applications. To ensure appropriate safety levels and protect both patients and the medical personnel that operate the equipment, rigorous certification is paramount. Integrating computers into medical equipment is a boon for overall service delivery quality, but every addition to the core equipment must maintain reliability.
Our client was designing a system to provide pattern scanning capabilities to photocoagulation lasers to reduce treatment time. The panel PC needed to be of sufficient size for clarity, include a multitouch touchscreen, be completely customized with their branding, and - of highest priority - pass the testing requirements for IEC 61000-4-2 level 4 certification.
This case study takes an in-depth look at these constraints and the customized solution we developed.

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